4 Beautiful Cheap House Renovation Design & Ideas For You

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4 Great House Renovation Ideas Interior Design For 2019
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4 Beautiful Cheap House Renovation Design & Ideas For You

Step into modern day style without spending tomorrow’s paycheck. Your house renovation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Inexpensive ways of home improvement remodeling are plentiful and make for a great weekend project you can accomplish with personal touches of your own.

Bring your home up to date with these easy and affordable home renovation tips. Check out these beautiful, yet cheap, renovation interior design ideas for 2019.

4 Great House Renovation Ideas

Exchange All White For Hints Of Rich Colour In Your Kitchen

All White Overload Is Out

In the kitchen, brightening it up with an all white kitchen remodel may make it look more spacious, but it’s a trend that’s on the way out for 2019. Well, perhaps don’t go wild painting and getting rid of all of the white since white touches will always be welcome in kitchen designs. Instead, swap out the white overload for lots of cabinetry and warm greys, blues, and creams accenting natural wood grain tones that are in.

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Splashes Of Rich Tones Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

If you don’t want to ditch the white entirely, take heart because black and white touches are definitely in as are unusual pops of color found in stone. Add black touches by installing a couple black lamp covers, bar stools, or even some black dishes within view. Use subtle yet eye-catching rich tones of color in natural stone cutting boards or back splashes for a wonderful updated kitchen renovation.

Timeless Changes

Some kitchen remodel ideas never seem to go out of style. Installing a quartz counter top is one of those decisions you will not regret. An open layout floor plan is another option that will last. Add some casual dining seating, and it’s an even better bonus. Deep drawers that allow for plenty of storage and big, practical sinks will always be a welcome addition.

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Bathroom Renovations And Upgrades That Don’t Break The Bank

Don’t Call The Plumber

You don’t need to feel like you have to call in an expensive plumber to redo your bathroom. In the bathroom, look for places you can makeover without tearing out plumbing or doing major upheaval bathroom remodel designs. However, if you do decide to exchange out a major element, opt for a water-saving toilet or a pedestal sink that makes a statement with an upcycled dresser adapted to accent it well.

Keep It Clean

Save a fortune on bathroom renovations by simply keeping the area clean. Fresh grout against sparkling clean tile is enough to make it look like you spent a fortune on a bathroom redesign. Don’t just cover up an ongoing problem, however. Of course, before you re-grout, paint, or lay down fresh tile to give the room a clean feel, make sure you get to the bottom of any necessary repairs or mould issues.

Accent With Brass

This year, the popular look is brass accessories. Choose bathroom renovations areas you can accent with brass. Frame mirrors with brass, add a brass doorknob to the door, accent lighting fixtures with brass, and accent with little touches of brass wherever possible.

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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Turn tiny imperfections into a work of art

Organic, natural, earthy, whatever term you want to use, is in not only as a way of life but also as a stylish trend for home furnishings. Find beauty in the flaws with some great house renovation ideas that value things that used to be considered less than perfect but are now desired as natural. Accent with rough linens and farmhouse style pottery that adds a personal organic look. Look to accentuate the organic or any possible imperfection with hand-painted touches. The Japanese call it Wabi-sabi and homes around the world are embracing it for 2019.

Practical Is No Longer Boring

Don’t Sacrifice Style For Function

While furniture and architectural designs that serve a function are important, you don’t have to plop a metal filing cabinet in the middle of your office or settle for exposed and unsightly cords coming from entertainment or television components in the living room. Modern designs kick form and function up a notch to never give up the style in the process of gaining functional, practical purpose. When it comes down to it, why settle for a simple bookcase or desk when you can upcycle or repurpose a stylish outdated or antique buffet to serve as a decorative storage piece. In the bathroom, for instance, it has become quite popular to take an antique dresser and style it to serve as a trendy sink base.

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Save Long-term Money By Calling In An Expert When You Want To Make Some Major Changes

You don’t need to spend a fortune updating your home with outrageously priced home improvement projects when you can do a nice house renovation with these great interior design remodeling ideas for a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, if you want to step it up and go all out, you also have that option. If you are wanting to do more extensive design changes, for instance taking out a wall, first contact a professional who will save you money in the long run since these experts have the knowledge of and are able to determine whether or not a wall is load bearing and share with you the extent of what would be involved to knock it out to open up the floor plan.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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