3 Important Things You Need To Know
About Property Refurbishment Services

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  • Property renovation is a high value adding activity which is a very good investment.

  • There are lots of home renovation & refurbishment ideas out there.

  • The expert team at Diligent Development have put together a brilliant design & ideas resource just for you.

5 Expert Stunning Ideas To Renovate Your Property

Property renovation is a fantastic way to add high value to your home investment, but with all of the home renovation and refurbishment ideas out there, which ones are the best for you?

When you have some property to renovate, here are five expert stunning designs and ideas you can trust along with some important things you need to know about property refurbishment services.

3 Important Things You Need To Know About Property Refurbishment Services

Embark on a house renovation plan

If you are getting ready to embark on a home renovation, keep in mind that the end result will most likely be well worth the effort, cost, time, and mess that the process entails.

When tackling such large house refurbishment changes, you don’t need to go it alone.

Before you get started with your home refurbishment or house renovation project, be sure to consult with a few experts to discuss your property to renovate.

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Three top design tips on houses for renovation projects

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The staircase may not be first and foremost on your mind when you are considering some major home renovation changes, but is one you should pay close attention to.

Stairs may need to be moved or redone depending on what changes are being made to the rooms around the existing steps.

If you are doing a loft conversion, the location of the stairs is going to be one of the top considerations as you will need a way to get up and down to the newly refurbished loft without disturbing the rest of the household with an awkwardly placed staircase.

You will also want to abide by specific local fire codes when it comes to stair wells.

Updated banisters, carpeting, a runner, or changing the wood on the actual steps is also a great way to add an eye-catching accent.

While you’re at it, you may want to take advantage of every bit of unused space by creating an under-the-stairs nook for reading or for a pet bed, or by getting creative by adding drawers hidden and tucked in nicely along the sides or fronts of the steps.

Ceiling plans are as important as floor plans

During a home refurbishment, everyone seems to be very focused on the floor plan and all of the changes that come with opening up or closing off walls to form livable space, but often the ceilings get overlooked.

When it’s all said and done, your ceilings will get noticed. And, looking up to add elements of design is a fantastic way to accent a room to appear larger or to bring in some natural sunlight through a skylight installation.

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Matching is overrated

Don’t get caught up in the thought that everything throughout the entire house needs to match.

While you will want to pay special attention to making sure room additions or outside changes don’t completely clash with existing architecture, it’s perfectly acceptable to sometimes mix materials or styles within the house.

Often, by doing so you bring out your personality to add your own unique touches to your property renovation.

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Always put it in writing, and put one person in charge

Get it in writing

Be sure to get every quote, ever order you place, and every discussion you have with your contractors in writing.

Keep good records throughout the entire process so you can always have proof not only of what was actually discussed but so you can look down the list and see exactly where the bulk of the money and time is going into the renovation project. Again, this does not typically reflect the contractor, supplier, or tradesmen’s lack or dishonesty.

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In every communication, there is a high chance that something is going to be misunderstood or not heard properly. If you have it in writing, you will have proof of the quote or the order so it can be upheld should a dispute arise.

Hire a manager

While you don’t want to be shelling out unnecessary expenses, one good investment is to hire one person to manage your property renovation. Yes, you will still deal with designers, architects, contractors and such. But, it’s important to have one central person who is in charge of the entire project to manage it well and take the stress off of you.

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Budget for extra expenses

Expect additional costs

Chances are you are going to go over budget, so just expect it from the start and try to build in a cushion so you’re not devastated when it happens.

These extra costs are most likely going to be unavoidable and are not usually an effort of a dishonest contractor.

Things simply happen to push costs over budget.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Look beyond the mess with a vision of the finished look

Oh, the mess!

The process that goes into a beautiful remodel is far from neat.

In fact, if you see the work being done, you may think it’s nothing short of a disaster. There is going to be dust kicked up from cutting wood and tile.

There is going to be dirt tracked in from landscaping changes or from a muddy, rainy day. There is going to be scraps and debris lying around. All of this is necessary to get the work done.

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It’s sufficient to expect the workers will clean up after themselves once the project is complete. In the meantime, don’t lay down the new area rug or move in the furniture until the upheaval construction part is complete.

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Stay flexible and plan extra time when you hire a professional

Be flexible

It’s important to set your goals, but always remain flexible because the process is not going to go perfectly to plan, or at least it rarely ever does.

Expect changes to happen as you dig into the renovation. Somethings just cannot be determined even by the most astute expert builder eye until you dig in and get started, tearing away the surface to reveal what lies beneath and what you are truly dealing with.

Plan extra time

Even the best laid plans go awry. This is why it’s important to plan extra time for the project to be completed.

Sometimes, the delay is due to a part or appliance not being in stock. Sometimes, the weather does not cooperate, and there is a rain delay or the ground is too frozen to break ground.

These slow downs cannot usually be avoided, so just plan for extra time from the start. That way, if you do come in on schedule, you will be pleasantly surprised and not disappointed.

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This is where the experts are needed

While the end result will hopefully be above and beyond what you had imagined it could be, like with most things that are worth the effort, the process of redoing houses for renovation takes time, money, and involves a bit of mess before the big reveal.

It’s important that you know upfront what the estimated cost and time frame for completion is expected to be, and then plan on both going beyond this initial estimate.

Each home renovation brings with it some surprise elements that even the best, top-notch home construction experts may not be able to foresee, especially if you are refurbishing an older home.

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