4 Super Cool House Refurbishment Ideas

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House Refurbishment-Kitchen Remodel
  • Home Refurbishment is a very valuable asset increasing task which needs to be done professionally in order to achieve it’s objective.

  • Let the experts show you how it’s done.
  • Check out these stunning house refurbishment ideas put together by Diligent Development.

4 Stunning Simple House Refurbishment Ideas For You

You want to improve the quality of your home and hopefully even increase its resell value. But, where do you begin? In the kitchen, the bathroom, or jump right in with the main entry room perhaps? Maybe some clever house refurbishment tips are what you’re after.

Why not kick it up a notch and add some really unique interior design elements to your space that no one will be able to resist, like a pool or aquarium that goes beyond all expectations. Check out these stunning yet simple home improvement ideas for you.

4 super cool house refurbishment ideas

Dress up your kitchen with creative ideas

Give your kitchen the ultimate boosts

Don’t just go moderate when you’re ready to update the room that feeds you and also typically becomes the main gathering spot in the house. In your kitchen remodel, make sure your appliances keep up with the upgrade. Get a large fridge that will store every type of food item imaginable. Look to the island in your kitchen renovation as well to tap into space underneath that can be used as a mini fridge or built-in cooling racks.

House-Refurbishment-home renovation London
House-Refurbishment-home improvement

Floors and ceilings hold a lot of potential

Don’t forget that your kitchen has potential to tap into for a kitchen redesign when you look up to the ceiling, around at the walls, and down to the floor. For all of those nuisance crumbs that fall during cooking, install a central vac unit that has openings along the kitchen baseboards for easy cleanup where crumbs can be quickly swept into the vac.

To add a sense of spaciousness to the room, brighten up the ceiling, and don’t just leave it at a paint job. Add design elements to the ceiling that draws the eyes up. If you have a loft above or a high roof line that allows for redesign, add a decorative beam or skylight. For the walls, make sure they are easy to clean and integrate splashes of color to bring the room together. Keep the floor looking like wood but perhaps install a laminate that is easy to sweep.

Open up the door to a whole new dimension of design, and run your household with a tap of a phone app

Remodel the door

Get creative with your redesign. Make an entrance you’ll not soon forget. Why not remodel the actual door. Turn a door into a fold-away book case where you can store all of your favorite novels. Or, transform a door into a family room to turn it into a fold-down ping pong table.

House-Refurbishment-smart home

Turn your home into a smart house

No house renovation would be complete without turning the entire space into a smart home. It makes your house more energy efficient as well.

During your home remodeling projects, have the place set up for wireless control, even Smartphone apps that control not only thermostat temperatures but also remote window blinds, shower speakers, and every feature in every room in the house.

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House-Refurbishment-bathroom renovations

Expand water elements outside of the bathroom, and tuck away unexpected storage

Tuck away unexpected storage

Go all out with some fun house refurbishment with bathroom renovations that are unique. Add storage for little items that would otherwise clutter up the counter tops by creating small drawers within the wall tiles. Make a few of the tiles pull out with storage compartments inside. Look around to add storage options wherever possible, and be sure to get creative by tapping into the design knowledge of an expert.

Play with water elements in the bathroom

Take your bathroom remodel to a whole new level with a transparent tub that not only opens up the space but looks sleek with a see-through glass side. Or, create a waterfall shower to make you feel like you’re enjoying the great outdoors in the privacy of your own home.

Incorporate water with an aquarium

Make a huge splash by using water elements and strong glass to form an actual fish aquarium in your bathroom sink, as a coffee table in the living room, or as part of a bed’s headboard.

House-Refurbishment-house renovation
House-Refurbishment-bathroom remodel

Refresh with a private swimming pool

Cool down on a hot day with your own private backyard pool. But, don’t just install a basic rectangle filled with water, get creative.

Design a glass wall in the basement that serves as one of the pool’s walls.

Create an under-the-floor stream that leads to the pool.

If space allows, create an indoor/outdoor pool.

Staircases are never boring

Let your kids play inside, or bring out the kid in you.

Have some fun with your home renovation while making the most of vacant, unused space.

For instance, turn a spiral staircase, or even an ordinary set of stairs into a side-by-side slide to get you down to ground level in a hurry.

House-Refurbishment-kitchen renovation
House-Refurbishment-pet space

Design a special place for your pet, and always look for spots where storage can be created

Storage is always a great home improvement idea, so look for unexpected spots where you can create tucked-away nooks for out-of-sight items to be stored. Turn under steps or along side the staircase into drawers.

Don’t just settle for drawer space, turn that under-the-steps area into a dog house or cat bed.
House refurbishment is a very valuable asset increasing task which needs to be done professionally in order to achieve it’s objective.

Let the experts show you how it’s done.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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