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Whether you’re fitting an underfloor heating system over an existing concrete of timber floor, or building it within a new one, we’ll find a perfect solution for any room in your home.

Unlike Conventional Central Heating Systems, Underfloor Heating lets you precisely set the temperature in every room so you can live in the comfort of your home every day.

As water is gently and evenly heated in a network of pipes, the system ensures heat is always distributed evenly throughout your home.

Why Are We The Best?

Diligent underfloor heating installation in the UK that is designed and installed by dedicated, fully trained engineers. We guarantee our systems and provide a 10-year warranty on the installation.

Step 1 – Preparation.
Diligent Developments installer begins by determining where the thermostat is to be fitted, arranges for the operation of the heating and prepares the subfloor to ensure it is clean, smooth and dry. All elements are checked before the heating is laid.

Step 2 – Installing insulation.
Our professional installer applies the floor insulation evenly onto the subfloor. Floor insulation ensures that the underfloor heating system warms up even quicker! Watch videos how we completed  heating underfloor installiation projects.

Step 3 – Customized installation

The professional underfloor heating installer fits your bespoke designed floor heating system, monitoring its operation at every stage, even during the application of the screed.

Step  4 – Fitting and protecting

The flooring installer fixes the heating to the floor and applies fibreglass mesh which is covered with Ardex self-levelling latex screed to prevent damage. Depending on the final flooring, probes are installed to regulate the finished floor temperature to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 5 – Final floor finish
The result is a smooth, solid floor on which the flooring specialist can fit the desired final floor finish, with the added security of monitor boxes so he knows all is well when he leaves.

Step 6 – Installing and programming the thermostat
Diligent Development engineer returns to install and programme the thermostat.

Diligent Developments is famous for providing one of the best Underfloor Heating Design and Installiation Services in London.

Materials for electric underfloor systems are cheaper, but considering the higher electricity prices, expect electric underfloor heating costs to be higher in the long run than wet systems. That’s why electric underfloor is a great solution forsmall spaces or a retrofit building project.

Electric systems provide ease and flexibility in terms of installation with wide range of mats, loose cable fitting, and heating film systems to choose from.

Finding the right supplier for underfloor heating requires careful planning and decision-making. It is important to compare companies in order to find the right solution for your home. We use only the best UK suppliers with an expertise in underfloor heating systems.
Finding the right underfloor heating cost depends on your property size and state. If you want to receive a tailor-made solution according to your needs, we are here to help you by providing a non-obligatory, free of charge service.

Simply fill in our contact form with your needs and specifications and we will be back to you shortly.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme that encourages homeowners to use renewable energy. It offers support for biomass boilers, ground to water and air to water heat pumps.

Ofgem, the regulating body for the RHI has more information on how to apply, how calculations are made and recent scheme changes.

If the household already has a boiler, investing in an energy-saving one will cut down on your energy bills. Current regulations specify that the boilers used for underfloor heating must be of the condensing type.
Investing in a water underfloor heating system will pay off in the long run with cheaper running costs and better efficiency.

This type of heating requires professional installation and can result in higher underfloor heating costs for an old building project. Considering the preparation of the floor required, wet systems will be cheaper to install on new joist floors or newly built residential buildings.

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Electric Underfloor Heating

We Have Over 20 Year’s Experience In Delivering Electric Underfloor Heating.
Electric systems provide ease and flexibility in terms of installation. Underfloor heating is a luxurious alternative. Bring an unrivalled level of warm comfort to your home!

Underfloor Heating Installers London

Wet Underfloor Heating

Bespoke Water Under Floor Heating Installation and Design Specialists.
Enjoy Efficient & In-House Designed Underfloor Heating System to suit any type of property. Easy Installation. Step-by-step installation support for your underfloor heating project.

Underfloor Heating London

Reduce Energy Wastage

We are the Leading Underfloor Heating Installers in London. We have all the skills necessary to reduce energy wastage and make heating more convenient. Affordable Prices. Bespoke Quotes. Exceptional Service Guaranteed from Diligent Underfloor Heating Specialists.



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Underfloor Heating Installation Cost

We offer the best range of electric and water underfloor heating systems – we have kits to suit every type of budget.

Underfloor heating costs can start low for small projects, and go upwards of £10,000 for bigger projects.There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. However, to supply and fit a good quality bespoke system to a typical property in London, expect to pay: £110 per square metre for the first 30 metres and then around £65 per additional square metre.

This price includes insulation, all parts and fittings, floor screeding and all labour.There are cheaper “entry level” systems on the market but it’s usually best to spend a little extra on the materials, the labour cost is the same, regardless of the quality of the parts.

Typical Electric Underfloor Heating Cost – Kitchen extension or lounge

Material Cost £1,600+
Labour Cost £1,720
Completion Time 2-3 days
Total Underfloor Heating Cost £3,320+VAT

Typical Water Underfloor Heating Cost – Kitchen Extension and lounge 30 Sq Meters

Material Cost £5,000+
Labour Cost £3,380
Completion Time 5-7 days
Total Underfloor Heating Cost £8,300+VAT

* All prices Excluding VAT.  All prices subject to final survey.

Our Projects – Case Studies

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Underfloor Heating Installation

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Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor Heating Installation London

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