Beautiful, spacious, Home Extension

Delivered ontim and on budget. A stunning family space

Beautiful, spacious, Home Extension

Delivered ontim and on budget. A stunning family space

Home Extensions – South London

Theres no need to move, when you can improve. There are a variety of excellent home extensions available to you that can enhance both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home.

Whether you need a ground floor bathroom for elderly or mobility impaired person, a swanky new kitchen, more bedrooms or extra living room space, we’re ready to provide you with a complete design and build home extensions service

A home extension is possible providing you have enough garden space to extend into. We will work with you to research your property in order to produce the perfect plans for your home extension.

Whether you require planning permission for your extension, or you can construct within Permitted Development rights, we can provide the professional assistane to meet your needs.

Our team of expert professionals will guide you through the process and ensure that all the work is carried out exactly as you want it and within your budget.

At the end of the project, you will have the perfect home extension – and the extra space – you always wanted.

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We provide expect advice given by contractors who have studied the subject thoroughly and back up their opinions with a wealth of experience………

We can all benefit from expert advice.

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Home Extensions Cost Calculator

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Home Extensions Cost Calculator

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