A kitchen-diner serves as the multi-functional hub of every home, regardless of its size. It is the one place where the entire family gathers and where all guests are entertained.

It’s time to consider some of the best kitchen diner designing and remodelling tips to add aesthetic appeal and increase the the value of your home:

Layout and Size

Large, square and rectangular rooms are a preferred norm. This allows you to create the perfect L-Shaped design for your kitchen. Such a design establishes a certain degree of separation between your dining space and the kitchen and prevents your guests from looking over at the messy kitchen, while eating.


Lighting Add-ons

Since they are multi-functional rooms, kitchen-diners are the most difficult of all rooms when it comes to designing and installing lighting.  As a homeowner, you can choose between accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting to add a customized style to your dining area.


Persistent cooking smells are common for your kitchen-diner as well as the living spaces. You need to think about extraction and how to remove the smoke and smells from cooking. For starters, you can install a ducted hood to remove odour outside the home and select a model with intensive power setting to eliminate all smells quickly and quietly.


Install Natural Lights

To maximize the potential for this room, you need a blend of traditional and natural lightings. By making room for daylight to enter, you can reduce your reliance on artificial lights and save on your energy bills. Introducing light into the depths of your floor plan also presents a major challenge. To deal with it, for example, if you have built a home extension for your kitchen-diner, you can either install a bank of roof lights or place a large roof lantern directly above the dining table or the kitchen.


Think about Zoning

The most successful of all open plan spaces are not only cohesive, but also have different pre-defined zones for different activities. With the help of zoning, you can easily switch from one activity to another. Zoning involves rearranging your kitchen furniture, varying the height of your kitchen ceiling and floor and installing well-designed lighting.


Think about the Flooring

When thinking about kitchen designs, it is important to pay considerable attention towards flooring and floor designing. In this regard, you have two options. You can either use the same floor running throughout your ground floor and kitchen to create cohesion or use wood and carpet for the living room along with a hard-wearing and low-maintenance floor for the kitchen.

If you have a taste for luxury, then you can opt for stone, slate or limestone throughout your kitchen floor. The floor types are perfect to install with a luxury underfloor heating system. . A wide variety of floor finishes can also help you create the perfect zoning in different areas in your kitchen-diner.

However, you need to make sure the juncture where the two floors meet ensures smooth transition from one floor design to another. Otherwise, your design is bound to look clumsy. To learn more about the best kitchen dining area design ideas, please feel free to contact us!

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