The Ultimate New Kitchen Cost & Prices Guide 2018

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The Ultimate New Kitchen Cost & Prices Guide 2018
Average Cost Of A New Kitchen
  • Looking to install a new kitchen or you simply just want to redesign your kitchen?

  • The expert team at Diligent Developments have put together a free guide on the average cost of a new kitchen.

Free Guide on the Average Cost Of  A New Kitchen

It’s time to design a new or remodel an existing kitchen, but what will this new kitchen cost?

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, and certainly is one of the costliest spots for a remodeling project to take place. The good news is that that the kitchen remodel cost, if done right, will provide a return for the initial kitchen renovation cost in terms of how it will be used and enjoyed as well as when you go to sell your home.

What will the total kitchen remodel cost total?

The Ultimate New Kitchen Cost & Prices Guide 2018

Our free kitchen renovation cost guide provides helpful tips on what to expect 

Following is a free guide that covers the average cost of a new kitchen and planning tips to get the most out of your design and kitchen prices.

The amount you should expect to pay for an average cost of new kitchen can range drastically from between £2,000 to £30,000, on average £7,000. This kitchen renovation cost, however, will go up or down depending on the size of your kitchen, your desired layout and design choices. If you have a luxurious designer taste that demands the top of the line, you will likely pay quite a bit more than the average cost.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

The major costs are important

Some of the major costs involved in a kitchen redesign in order of cost and importance include cabinetry and hardware, installation, appliances and ventilation, counter tops, flooring, walls, ceiling, lighting, faucets and plumbing, doors and windows, and design fees.

2018 Kitchen Remodel Costs

Stick to your budget

To keep your kitchen remodeling costs from spiraling out of control, be sure to first set a budget.

As you begin to select which appliances, cabinetry, counter tops, flooring, and other features you want in your kitchen, sticking to the budget you set is going to be very important.

However, build within your budget room to expand and to accommodate unexpected expenses that may crop up as you dig into the project.

If you have a cushion built into your budget, your plans will be able to continue on track without experiencing too much of a shock to the bottom line.

If you have a cushion built into your budget, your plans will be able to continue on track without experiencing too much of a shock to the bottom line.

Also, if you already have somewhat of an idea of what overall design, style, and what you absolutely cannot live without in your new kitchen, it will make it easier to pass up extravagant suggestions that a consultant may try to convince you that you need.

If you do use a consultant, know that some offer a design expert service free of charge, but others charge £50 or more to measure and discuss potential kitchen remodel options.

Understand what kitchen prices you can save on and which are worth the price

Properly installing gas and electricity is worth the cost

When it comes to wiring your kitchen for electricity or removing or setting up new gas appliances, you want this done well and correctly. This is not the area to go budget friendly.

Most recent code requires that all kitchens have a residual current device RCD. To hire an electrician who knows the trade for any wiring work, expect to pay an average of £600.

Depending on the extent of the wiring job, this could cost upwards of £900 or as little as £300. Likewise, if you are installing gas appliances, it will be very important to make sure these gas lines are properly in place so they don’t present themselves as a dangerous hazard.

Average Cost of Small Kitchen Remodel
property-refurbishment-home renovation

Generally speaking, standard is cheaper

If you are wanting to keep your new kitchen cost to a minimum, go with the standard option whenever possible. For instance, there is no reason to pay extra for a fancy a wall outlet cover that is tucked behind a refrigerator or stove and will never be seen. Save your money to splurge on accent pieces you really want to stand out. Unless you have a huge budget and want to go all out, keep it simple while keeping an eye out for unnecessary costly features.

Go with a local fitter

Always choose a fitter who is nearby as opposed to those recommended by suppliers. The benefit is not only that they are up to date on local building codes and are usually less expensive for the same quality of work, but that they also often extend discounts for materials at wholesale costs. Fitters base their costs partially on standard, good, or excellent guidelines that are determined based upon the quality of upgrade and how large your kitchen is, based on the square meter.

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Decide which features are worth the price

Price out the average cost of appliances and feature you want

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with appliances, shop around. Prices are going to vary vastly depending on where you buy it from. Expect to pay at least £2,000 to fit a standard kitchen with the major appliance necessities.

Cabinetry prices differ

Cabinetry prices are going to range considerably depending on how many cabinets you need, the space you are fitting with cabinetry, and the style you choose. Expect to pay between £1,500 to £3,800 for cabinetry.

Kitchen Installation Costs
Home improvements to add home value - kitchen renovation

Consider the haul-away fee 

If you are wanting to completely redo the entire kitchen, expect to pay £150 or more of your kitchen cost in haul away or disposal fees of old appliances or cabinetry.

Counter top choices vary in price

Counter top choices can drive up the price quickly, but may be worth is depending on your desires. Cabinets, counter tops, and such vary considerably, ranging from a simple laminate top at about £100 to a wood, marble, or granite counter top that will easily cost about £1,000. Sometimes you can save on wood counter tops if you are able to finish it and seal it as a DIY Do-It-Yourself project.

Choose the flooring

Flooring costs often easily skyrocket quickly. If you know what to look for, this doesn’t have to break your bank. Save money on flooring by choosing vinyl or laminate options that have come a long way in tricking the eye into assuming it is wood or beautiful tile when, in reality, it’s a cheaper and easier to clean option at a fraction of the price.

Fitting a kitchen is determined by the metre

Standard kitchen fitting may cost somewhere between £14 to 20 per square metre, with a total cost of £3,700. A good quality kitchen fitting may cost somewhere between £40 to 60 per square metre with an overall cost of £6,800. Whereas, a top-of-the-line excellent quality fitting may go upwards of £13,000 at between £110 to 120 per square metre.

Expect a return on your investment

If you are wanting to sell your home, know that the expected Return On Investment ROI for a remodeled kitchen tends to be about 67 percent. Stick to the rule of thumb to spend at least 5% of the overall value of your home and no more than 15%.

How much will it cost to build my dream kitchen?

Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets Installed
Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen

Invest in a design expert

If you want to go above the average cost of new kitchen and are looking to invest largely in your kitchen redesign, definitely consider hiring a designer.

The kitchen remodel cost you pay for a quality design expert is going to relieve a great deal of stress while achieving the end results you envision. An expert designer will be able to help you stick within your budget for a new kitchen cost while delivering the results you want.

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