Practical ways to make your home roomy

for your growing family

expanding your home
  • A growing family is inevitable, so family home plans need to be made to accommodate them.

  • These days there are room decorating design & ideas that can help make your home roomy and comfy.

  • Here are some practical tips to help you get started.

Family Home Plans

Your family has expanded, or is about to, and suddenly the place you call home is feeling a bit cramped.Regardless of why you need the extra space, you need some practical ways to make your home roomy for your growing family with family home plans that work for you.

Maybe, you just learned of a new baby’s expected arrival, or you already have the perfect sized family for you, but the kids are growing, and that house that once seemed roomy is suddenly busting at the seams.Toss in a pet or two, and throw into the mix that perhaps, not only do you need to make room for your children but for an ageing parent as well. Or, you want to have a guest room ready for friends and family to visit.

Basically, you have three choices: find or design a brand new home from the ground up, remodel by expanding your current home space or Redecorate with some tips that will make the best use of the space you already have.

Expanding your current home space

Buy new or design a brand new home to fit your family home plans

Obviously, a brand new home is an ideal way to meet your growing family’s needs.

Starting from the ground up is the only way to ensure your new living space is customised for your individual family’s specific needs. Of course, it’s only the practical option if you have the financial resources and don’t mind relocating.

Before you begin the process of creating an entirely new home for your family, consult with knowledgeable construction experts who will be able to share design and building tips that fit within your budget and help you learn how to design a family home with extra space.

Even if you don’t work with an architect to draw up the blueprints and build a new home, you will still need to have an idea of what you are looking for in room sizes and design to share with a real estate agent to find you the right home.

family home plans uk
large family home plans uk house extension

Expanding your current home space

The need to create family home plans that stretch the space is a top priority, but why move when you love the location and house you already have?

Simply, extend and grow your liveable room space with a family room décor design add-on.

One of the most practical ways to open up new space in your home is to expand by adding on a room.

Before you hire a contractor, begin with these expert tips on house extension planning and the ten things you need to know.

Gather your family room ideas and sit down with budget-conscious construction experts to turn your plans into a reality.

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Important factors to consider when expanding your home

Before you start knocking out walls and adding on a room, there are some things you need to know.

First, check with your local building codes to make sure the extension onto your house is legal and that it won’t interfere with your neighbour’s natural lighting or infringe upon their property.

Also, check with a knowledgeable contractor to make sure the walls you are tearing down are not load bearing. An experienced contractor will also be able to add some helpful insight into design layout and other aspects that become apparent only with professional building experience.

Before hiring a contractor, also choose one who will work within your budget and time frame for remodel completion.

family home plans house extension
Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
The Loft Room plans

Make good use of the space you already have

Probably the most cost-saving way to make your home feel more roomy is to make good use of the space you already have by re-decorating to make it more usable.

If you have small children, the first area to focus on is finding a room you can turn into a play space or family room.

Some useful family room decorating ideas that open up needed space include clever storage options or rearranging the family room décor to provide an open format with durable yet attractive furnishings or turning unused attic or basement space into liveable rooms.

Clever storage ideas

When you walk into the same room day after day and see the same design and cramped space, it’s difficult to envision that by implementing a few simple storage ideas you will actually create a more liveable room.

Turn an under-the-stairs nook into storage, or turn the sides of the stairs into bookcases.

Baseboard storage drawers is another great use of out-of-sight storage. Another alternative is to build in a child’s bed under the steps for a cozy little space to rest. Or, renovate an unused basement or attic to create the space you need.

family home plans bigger storage
large family home plans

Make room for your entire family to enjoy their new-found living space

Whether you redecorate to capture hidden space, expand your walls, or start fresh with a brand new home design.

you will soon be able to spread out and use every part of your home with family home plans that provide a bit more wiggle room where you can be free to live.

Your entire family will enjoy the needed space for living by using these tips for practical ways to make your home roomy for your growing family.

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