The benefits of a basement conversion and waterproofing a damp home

The benefits of a basement conversion will vary by area, but all basements are usually appreciated for providing a home with extra space either for living or for storage purposes. While having a dry, usable basement is an absolute must for some houses, for others, they are just thought of as a nice bonus.

Here we discuss the benefits of basement conversions in relation to home extension projects.

 The best value for money additonal space

According to most homeowners and building contractors, there is no cheaperhome extension option which is designed to increase livable space. Adding a room in a home, no matter what the size, requires a foundation, a roof, and a number of structural walls. On the other hand, with the basic structure of a basement already in place, converting it to function as an additional room isn’t that comparatively
expensive.  Once you factor in the waterproofing of your basement, and basic conversion works, this turns out to be a good value for money extension to your home.

Gives You a Comfy Hangout

Not all benefits of converting a basement are done for practical purposes. Sometimes, homeowners just want to convert their basement into a place where they can relax and just hang out. A basement is easily heated and cooled, making it one of the most comfortable living spaces in the entire house.  Basement conversions, converted correctly by using sound dampening properties along with natural insulation, can transform your basement into one of the most pleasant places in your home.

Increases Resale Value

As a rule of thumb, homeowners should never carry out a rennovation project in their homes for the sole purpose of increasing its resale value. That’s because no home rennovaton project will get you a 100% return on your investment during resale. That being said, home extension projects such as basement waterproofing or basement conversions, which help increase living space, do in fact make a home look more attractive to prospective buyers, which means that they are able to get a better price for their home during resale.

More Space

Having another room in your home certainly gives you a lot more elbowroom, but not as much as the benefits of a basement conversion. That’s because, on average, a basement is usually a large area, which means converting it can increase living space by as much as a third.

In summary

Whatever goals you want for your basement, the fact that a basement conversion is ranked amongst the smartest home renovation options is reason enough to go for it, both to improve the space and, add to the value of your property.

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