Home design | How to desing and Family home

Home design ideas | Expert advice

Home design | How to desing and Family home

Home design ideas | Expert advice

Home design | How to desing and Family home

Home design ideas | Expert advice

A Family’s Guide to Home Design

Home design – A Builder’s How to guide.  Home is a place where we can relax with the people we love. It is a place where we can be ourselves, our shelter from the world. It is a place where we can lay back and delve into the deepest of thoughts. A reflection of our emotions and sentiments packed in a structure. We spend our entire lives constructing our dream palaces for those we love, constantly replacing and adding new things to it, living through dusty building works from bathroom renovations and basement conversion’s through to larger scale home extensions – the toil can be immense. We strive hard to make it perfect in every way because we know that our perfect family deserves perfection.

No doubt designing a family home is a tricky job. One has to take into account the smallest of things. The past, the present, and more importantly, the future needs to be integrated into a holistic idea. To come up with an idea is one thing, but designing it is a whole new chapter. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In fact, with a little help and a few tips, we will guide on how to design a home for that beautiful family.

The Best Place to Start is at Home

The very first step in designing a family home is to think of every possible need that has been encountered in the past or may be encountered in the future. We know that can be very difficult, but just a rough draft would do. Ask yourself simple questions and plan. How many rooms do we need?  How many bathrooms would make our life more convenient? Should there be a separate play room for the children? Should the kitchen be open plan?

All of these questions will help you lay down the basic plan for the house.  For instance, if your children are young and need supervision it is better to plan a house where they would always stay in sight.

That can mean an open kitchen or one that has a study nook or computer table near it. There are countless ways to go about it. If they are young, it is best to keep the rooms close to yours. But, don’t keep them too close because eventually they’ll grow and won’t need constant supervision. Each question will help you connect more dots. Brain storm, and most importantly, ask the family.

Keep Connected

Remember, you are designing a home for your family, connection is very important. Go for a traditional living house. It never gets old. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices for families. More modern approaches include the elimination of doors and aligning the openings and corridors. This makes everything look spacious. The overall flow becomes smooth. Installation of see-through windows or sliding glass doors is also an option (especially if your children play outside). The idea is to create an environment where the family can congregate, but privacy is an important factor to consider too – you don’t want the house to be too transparent. Add a fire place to the living room. Modern insulation will take care of the heating but the fire place will highlight its family value.

Beauty Comes with Functionality

Beauty and functionality both matter. For an outsider, the former may matter more, but for a person living inside, functionality is equally important. Some simple examples are the Island benches near the kitchen or the trendy butler sinks. Stylish and functional. Add a few cupboards here and there. Stock them with unnecessary clutter. Its always better to have more space then less. The same goes for any other room, make them multi-functional. Believe us beauty will follow.

Floors Should Endure

This is a long term investment. Floors are not easy to replace, clean or repair. Wooden floors are perhaps the most functional and perfect for families. The color easily blends with the surrounding and cleaning is very easy.

In fact the color is such that most of the dirt hides on the surface, camouflaging itself from plain sight. A proper floor will set the mood for the entire house. From there on the decorations and furnishing can follow.

Your House is Yours to make

The options are countless. Family houses need to be beautiful, functional and durable. The gist of it all is that no one other than your self is in a better position to lay down the needs.  Ask yourself the simple questions. Believe us answers automatically follow. Give it a go and start designing your family house.

A stress free client, makes for a stress free contractor!

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