kitchen installation | Catford | London| SE6
Kitchen contractor | Catford - full replacement and installation of all kitchen services
kitchen installation | Catford | London| SE6
Kitchen contractor | Catford - full replacement and installation of all kitchen services
kitchen installation | Catford | London| SE6
Kitchen contractor | Catford - full replacement and installation of all kitchen services

Project: Kitchen installation Catford | Complete renovation

Project Location: Catford, London, SE6

Approx Value: £10,500

Project summary

Complete kitchen renovation. Removal of existing kitchen with installation of new ground floor toilet and under floor heating system.

Property Description:

The property is a 3-storey Victorian terraced house constructed of solid brick without cavity walls. Their are no planning restrictions working on this type of property and the property is not located in a conservation area.


The approach to this project was a full renovation of the existing kitchen. The client requested modernisation to the services and installation of a ground floor toilet.

We start with removal of the existing kitchen units, and make safe the water, gas and electrical connections.

The flooring tiles are lifted and carted away. We then screed the subfloor with a 3:1 strong mix of sharp sand mortar to create a level floor to work from.

Before we begin the installation of the kitchen services, we removed a load bearing wall and installed a high performance bi fold door. Case study can be found here.

Next step was to reposition the kitchen side window. The window required lifting to ensure the trim was not below the newly installed worktop units.

The customers chose a tewksbury blue style kithcen, supplied by Howden’s joinery. They style of the kitchen was traditional, and the colors presented a very classy tone. Mixed with newly installed modern appliances the look was very balanced.

We then install the first fix services, plumbing for the modified kitchen layout. Gas services for the newly located range master cooker and electrical services for the appliances.

The cooker unit was to be located within two existing chimneybreasts columns. This presented a challenge during the install as the maximum width we could take the chimney opening to within 10mm of the width of the range cooker.

The next challenge on this kitchen was installation of the cooker extractor hood. Once we had installed the cooker unit between the chimney legs, we then attempted to hide the bulk of the cooker hood within the existing chimney bulk. I must admit, this was a very dusty part of the project.

Working on 100-year-old chimneys is no fun!! However, we cut out sections of the chimney and install the guts of the cooker hood within the bulkhead of the chimney breast. This allowed us to present only the thin front profile of the cooker hood and made for a sleek finish.

During installation of the kitchen units we noticed that an in-situ wall which protruded into the room broke the sight lines of the kitchen units and the lines to the newly installed bi fold door leading out to the garden

With agreement from the customer, we then removed 150mm off the wall and made good with bonding and a plaster finish. With this removal, the kitchen had better sight lines from the entrance of the room through to the garden.

These are the types of work items that you just cant foresee on a 2D plan when you are costing the scope of work for a renovation. So it’s best to always have small contingency of maybe 10% of your budget to allow room for improvements or changes.

The kitchen installation was then pretty straightforward. The units all went in without a hitch and the oak worktop fit the traditional feel of the units. In addditon we install a belfast sink to add to the traditional feel.

The client went for Bosch washing appliances, which came at a good price from Howdens Lewisham Depot with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. These were built in appliances hidden by the sleek profile of the doors and units.


The kitchen installation was complete. Their were a few small call-backs to make some minor adjustments, but this is to be expected with an install such as this. The completion of the ground floor toilet and underfloor heating installation will be covered in a separate case study soon as we get time to put pen to paper. The client was happy with the finish and recommended our services to friends and family which is always a welcome gesture.

Happy customers make happy contractors.

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