Stunning But Affordable Bathroom Renovations Ideas

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Stunning But Affordable Bathroom Renovations Ideas
Bathroom Renovation Tips
  • We spend a significant amount of our daily lives in the bathroom, so it’s a good idea to make it as comfortable as possible.
  • Are you considering a bathroom remodel or makeover?

  • Here the team at Diligent Developers have together some stunning bathroom redesign ideas.

5 Stunning But Affordable Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Though, we probably won’t admit it, out of all rooms in our house, we spend a significant amount of our daily lives in the bathroom. It’s time to make it as comfortable as possible through a bathroom remodel.

Are you considering affordable bathroom renovations, remodels, or complete bathroom makeovers? Follow these five helpful ideas that won’t break the bank with your bathroom redesign.

Affordable Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Change the color for an affordable face lift to the bathroom

A well-done coat of paint goes far

As part of your bathroom renovations work, start by brightening up a dull and dingy bathroom by changing the color of the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Design an accent wall which you can create and beautify to be slightly darker than the other walls. Or, add decorative wall hangings, tile artworks, or create the illusion of added space by spacing out small mirrors. Don’t forget to coordinate the ceiling and floor colors as well. If re-doing the flooring is out of the question, a carefully applied paint design can do the trick if done well.

Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Take time to properly tackle underlying problems, mould issues, and proper masking techniques

Keep in mind that painting a small bathroom is going to take longer than you may imagine, but you won’t want to skimp on sloppy planning steps. You will first need to mask tape around all of the fixtures, switches, and lighting.

Also, before you get started, it’s a great time to make sure you don’t have a mould problem. If so, you will need to tackle that before slapping a new coat of paint of a persistent problem that will only creep back eventually making you have to re-do what you just did with the paint. Once you are sure you are mould and mildew free, paint using a high quality layer of paint, such as one with a satin finish and a kind that is mildew resistant and stands up to moisture.

Bathroom Renovation

Make your design come clean with a shower remodel and tub area upgrade

Pay attention to upgrading the shower and tub area

One of the focal points of the bathroom is the shower or tub area, so focus on a shower remodel or a bath remodel.

Make your shower renovation inviting with a few easy changes. Open up the shower/tub area with a glass enclosure. Or, choose some pretty napkin ring holders to replace old shower curtain rings.

Make the shower or tub shine from floor to ceiling, and don’t forget the walls

Give the shower floor and wall a makeover by using small pebble stones or tile. When properly placed, these small pieces of tile or stones will also serve as a bit of a slip-proof foundation.

If there is only a tub with no shower, form an accent wall along the longest horizontal wall alongside the tub. Consider also surrounding the tub with concrete or some other option that gives you a spa-like feel and plenty of ledge space for candles and other niceties.

Give your sink personality

Make your sink stand out by spending money wisely

If you want to put your money into granite counter tops to make your home look rich but don’t have a fortune to spend, the bathroom is the place to do it. Since the bathroom counter is going to be much smaller than outfitting an entire kitchen in granite, it will be much more affordable to put your granite in the bathroom.

Bathroom Design Gallery

Bring your bathroom vanity into modern day style

The vanity that surrounds the sink typically becomes a focal point that will cause visitors to form an opinion. Chances are, if the vanity is not appealing, it will make even a sparkling clean room appear to be less than clean. Avoid unpleasant impressions by changing outdated vanities that are wooden and no doubt warping for a more open pedestal sink, or one with open shelves where you can store baskets of needed items.

Modern Small Bathroom Design

Small, carefully placed accent pieces make a huge difference

Accentuate wisely to put finishing touches on your bathroom remodel

By choosing accent pieces properly, you may even be able to create clever storage space you didn’t know you had. This is where you can accentuate your bathroom renovations without spending a fortune, if you do it right. Display the towels and frequently used items in a pleasant manner.

Use a decorative wine bottle rack to roll up matching color or accent towels for display and easy to grab. Lift toothbrushes and soaps up and out of the way using small cake stands.

Frame the mirror for a popping focal point

Choose your frame

Everyone who uses the bathroom is going to at the very least glance into the mirror. Of course, first make sure the mirror is always kept wiped down and clean. Another inexpensive touch that is easy to do is to use a picture frame that coordinates with your bathroom colors to brighten up the room and draw the focus into the mirror. Frames with bright, white bead board style will compliment a nautical themed bathroom well. Or, go ornate with an intricate styled frame painted in rich tones that you can easily spray paint onto the frame before affixing it to the mirror.

Bathroom Designs For Home

Don’t break the bank with your bathroom makeovers when you can incorporate these bathroom renovations ideas that will make your bathroom remodel look like it belongs in a luxurious home. Take these helpful hints on your redo bathroom design.

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