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3 Free Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Can Use Right now

When it comes to spending time in our homes, the bathroom is second only to the bedroom for the amount of hours we spend there. Since a great deal of hours at home will occur in this room, why not turn it into a luxurious, spa like atmosphere where you will be able to relax and refresh enjoying carefully thought out bathroom upgrades! It can, however, also be one of the most costly rooms to redesign, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Let’s discuss three classy bathroom refurbishment tips for you to try with beautiful bathroom remodel ideas you can use right now.

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Proper bathroom redesign planning saves time and money

No matter how you choose your bathroom refit, whether to upgrade or refurbish the room, the end result will need to be functional. Before you begin, start with some careful bathroom renovations planning. Redesigning a bathroom takes more consideration than moving around a few pieces of furniture. The very purpose for the room will also involve properly handling water, waste and moisture through plumbing and venting. Even the most luxurious bathrooms work around plumbing components, water lines, drains, vent stacks, and a limited amount of available space.

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Choose how many walls will hold plumbing and vent stacks

To design your bathroom well, you will probably try to keep all of the major plumbing components along one or two of the walls. Some large bathrooms allow for three walls to be used in this way. Architects and contractors may refer to this bathroom layout as a one-wet wall, two-wet wall, or three-wet-wall layout. The one-wall layout is the least expensive but limits your options for design. In a one-wall layout, all of the major plumbing components of the sink, the shower, and the toilet will be lined up along one wall. If space allows, you might choose a three-wet-wall layout, but keep in mind that using all three walls for plumbing in a bathroom restoration is going to be the most financially and time-costly option. A two-wet-wall layout option allows you less cost and time as the three-wet-wall layout option but the ability to be a bit more flexible in your design than the one-wet-wall layout provides, possibly putting the toilet and the sink along one wall with the shower or tub along another wall. Always check with an architectural design expert who deals with plumbing before making your final decision.

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Focus on tub and shower renovation for a classy bath remodel

Every room has a focal point, and in the bathroom it’s the tub or shower

The tub or the shower area will be the focal point of your bathroom whether you choose a bathroom refurbishment or keep it as is, so why not spruce it up a bit. Whether you choose to accentuate the antiquity with a claw tub bath remodel or go for a modern spa look with a glass enclosed shower, put a great deal of your effort into making this area appealing.

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Shower heads and faucets make a difference

Another feature that will add value to your tub or shower focal point are the faucets or the shower heads. Select ones that are not only functional but accent the focal tub or shower wall nicely. While you’re working on your bath tub or shower renovation, consider adding some special features with the shower head. Instead of installing or retaining the same basic shower head that is already there, consider multiple spray heads, over sized nozzles, or one with massage jets. Maybe even jets you can walk through or are positioned at varying levels and angles to cover your entire body with cleansing, refreshing, and relaxing sprays of water.

Accessories add bathroom upgrades for a bathroom refurbishment remodel

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Choose what you will upgrade

If your budget is tight, and remodelling the entire bathroom is out of the question, consider replacing a few things that will give the appearance of luxury. For instance cabinetry, faucets and fixtures, or even somewhat larger features such as swapping out the toilet or upgrading the sink. A granite counter top adds a look of richness, and since the counter in a bathroom is relatively small, you can kick it up a notch to get fine quality counter or sink tops without breaking the bank.

Flooring and Walls

The proper choice in floors, walls, and wall accents are going to turn a dull room into the look of class. Pay attention to your flooring and wall tile, ceramic, or stone choice to ensure it is easy to care for, wipe clean, and is waterproof. Make sure your floors are slip resistant by choosing a honed flooring finish to provide a bit of traction without detracting from the look you are hoping to achieve in your stone or ceramic tiles.

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Create storage space

No matter how you look at it, your bathroom is only going to have a certain amount of space, and most are probably not going to allow for an enclosed closet or pantry, still some items used in the bathroom call to be properly tucked away out of sight. Make the best use of the room you have by creating clever storage areas that are aesthetically pleasing and make the most of the room you already have with under sink storage or carefully placed racks to show off nicely rolled or folded towels while accommodating room for baskets or drawers to act as a miniature out-of-sight holding area.

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Luxurious amenities are nice bathroom upgrades

If space allows, pamper yourself with luxurious features such as an in-wall vent-free fireplace, television, or a surround sound system. Or, add a heated towel rack or radiant heated floors. Any extras you choose will need to be able to resist moisture but will ultimately add to enjoyment and overall resell value of the room.

Change the colour, and you’ll change the look!

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Choose the right colours to create a look of elegance

In your bathroom redesign, don’t discredit what the right color choice can do to make the room look rich. Choose your desired look for your bathroom restoration with traditional, vintage, contemporary or Old World antiquity. When you choose the color pallet for your bathroom, keep in mind that this is more than merely slapping on a coat of fresh paint or sticking up some wallpaper. To establish a look of luxury, you will want to carefully blend or accent hues, shades, tints, and textures of the cabinetry and tile or stone as well. Every colour, texture and detail you choose will turn your bathroom into a deluxe space with amenity in style.

When you plan your bathroom refurbishment, remember these three class bathroom remodel ideas you can use now. Focus on the shower or tub area, accessorize well with careful thought, and don’t forget the proper colours that will turn your bathroom into a luxurious space. When you finish your bathroom renovations, you will have a room with a look and amenities that will help you relax and refresh while adding value to your entire home.

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