5 Stunning Simple Cheap Remodelling Ideas For Small Homes

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5 Simple & Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes
House Remodelling Ideas
  • Small homes can still look elegant and classy?
  • Some people believe that the bigger the space the better, but that’s not so.
  • Let the expert team at Diligent Development teach you how to remodel your small homes to achieve that luxurious touch.

5 Stunning Simple Cheap Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes

Things may be getting crowded in your house, and you think the only way to gain extra space is to move to a bigger, more expensive home or to undergo a costly kitchen renovation or highly expensive bathroom renovations.

When it comes to home improvement, some people believe that the bigger the house, the better, but the truth is that small homes can still look elegant and classy. You will probably be amazed at how much space is hiding in your small home.

Here are five stunning yet simple and affordable home remodeling ideas to make the most out of your small home.

Home Remodelling Ideas For Small Homes

Choose the right colours to make rooms look larger

First change the colour

You don’t have to knock down walls or get all new furniture or carpet to make your home look roomier.

One simple and affordable way to upgrade any home improvement project is to change the colour scheme. All it takes is painting the walls.

Renovation Ideas for Small Homes

Choose the right hues

While it’s fun to add personality to the walls, if you are planning on selling the house anytime soon, you would benefit from sticking with neutral colors beige, grey, or any shades or tints along that spectrum on the color wheel in your home remodeling efforts. Lighter tints are also going to make space look larger.

Don’t rush the prep time

The most difficult part of painting is making sure you mask off everything you don’t want discolored with paint splatting. Take your time, because this is a very important step. Once you’ve got this step down, the rest requires only a swoosh of a brush and dry time.

Renovation Design Ideas For Small Homes

Flooring and floor plans change the room’s dimension appearance and uncover hidden storage nooks

Another great way to make a small space appear bigger through a home renovation is to change the flooring as well as the floor plan. For instance, if you use an area rug on a wood floor, the way you place it underneath the furniture can make the room look dwarfed or elongated.

Find hidden storage space

Look around in search of any hidden storage space possibilities. What you discover will probably amaze you.

Build a reading nook under a stairwell, or make good use of under bed storage. Turn window bench seats into storage chests by adding hinges on the back, or baskets on shelves tucked away underneath. Remove an old, bulky, unused chimney stack and gain use of the wall space.

Be creative in your search, and you will be surprised that your existing small home may already have storage areas you never knew existed.

Simple Cheap Remodelling Ideas For Small Homes
property-refurbishment-home renovation

You don’t have to spend a fortune when you plan wisely and accentuate well

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, so make sure any bathroom renovations you begin makes the best use of the space you have.

This is one room where you may feel like you have to spend a bundle of money to get the job done right, but if you plan wisely and accentuate well, you can make the bathroom more spacious on a budget.

In your bathroom remodel, open up the shower or tub area to look more spacious, and accentuate with mirrors to give the appearance that the room goes on beyond its confined walls.

Make your kitchen roomy enough for friends to gather

Open up your kitchen for more than just cooking

Your home can offer a welcoming gathering space where food is served without feeling boxed in or cramped.

Focus on a kitchen remodel to tap into any extra space your home has to offer.

Open up the room with a kitchen renovation that removes unnecessary components that are only taking up needed space, such as replacing a counter that is blocking an area that could be used as a walkway and exchanging it with an island on wheels that can be relocated as required.

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Simple Cheap Remodelling Ideas For Small Homes

Seating for all

Add extra seating by making use of bay windows or unused wall space. If you already have a counter in place that is not feasible to rearrange, turn it into a breakfast nook by adding a few bar stools.

As big as your back yard

If you have a nice, spacious back yard that extends off of the kitchen, go a step above. Move the kitchen to the backyard by installing a bi-fold door that opens up and folds out of the way. On nice days, you can open up the entire back yard patio for gathering or extra cooking space on a back yard cooking grill.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Things are looking up!

Make good use of the space over head

Look up to make good use of the space overhead. If you have a loft or attic area that is unused, it is fairly easy and often very affordable to transform this portion of your home into a living space.

Give the appearance of spacious luxury

If you don’t have a loft, you can still expand your living space without an expensive home remodeling project. Or, at least, make it appear as though the room above your head is spacious. Ceilings can be painted or transformed into light, bright spots that draw the eyes attention upward and makes it appear as though the living space is larger.

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