7 Remarkable Home Remodelling Tips 

to Help Add Value to Your Home

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  • Home renovation can help you increase the value of your home in the real estate space.

  • Home makeovers may include bathroom remodelling, kitchen remodels and interior design of the entire home.
  • Want to add value to your home now? Here are 7 home remodelling tips.

Home Remodelling tips to enrich the value of your home

It’s time for a home makeover. Are you feeling the squeeze in your tiny home with a growing family?  Do you need to make more space in your home?

Maybe you just moved into a house and want to make it fit your family better while increasing the overall home remodelling value from the start. Or, possibly,  you think to sell your house for the best profit.

Are you ready for a home renovation to enhance and update your living space? Do you want to make sure you focus on the most lucrative changes to get the most value out of your home when you do sell it one day in the future?

Whatever your reason for your home improvement, follow these 7 remarkable home remodelling tips to help add value to your home.

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The value of asking an expert

Before you do anything, make a home renovation plan, and look over a guide to home design to get ideas.

To gather home remodelling ideas for which areas to focus on first, it’s a good idea to bring in some experts. Interior design experts, real estate agents, and home inspectors as well as consulting with a structural engineer.

Even if you’re not ready to put your home on the market, setting up a home inspection is a sure-fire way of knowing what would need to be repaired in your home when you do go to sell it.

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Updating adds value

Updating your home is going to add immediate value and up your quality of living while still in the home. Read about 6 of the easiest and most cost effective and affordable home improvements one can make to their home.

Start by tackling one room at a time. When you start with small projects rather than revamping the entire house all in one chunk, you tend to get even more motivated as each room is completed. Start with the smaller jobs that can be completed in an afternoon or a weekend. Even a coat of fresh paint on living room walls may be enough to spur you on to have the energy to tackle even more remodelling in other rooms.

Make a list of all the upgrades you’d like to make throughout the house and prioritise which ones need to be handled first. For instance do you need to replace outdated or leaking taps, change out lighting fixtures, update the look and style of your doors, get new furniture, or simply add some new window treatments or frame some fresh artwork on the walls. Try to keep your major upgrades to a minimum wherever possible.

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They say Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, and it also serves as a nice welcome mat making your home more inviting to enter.

It’s amazing how just taking the time to clean your house and getting rid of clutter quickly ups the value of your home.

Walking into a clean environment is welcoming and refreshing and should always be your first step in any home remodelling project.

Of course, a complete home makeover takes more than picking up the mess and putting away laundry.

While you’re cleaning the surface, pay attention to all of those maintenance issues you’ve put off getting done. And, by all means, get on top of cleaning up any damp, mouldy, or musty areas.

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Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
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Cook up changes in the kitchen

The kitchen is valuable because it’s where everyone gathers and is considered the heart of the home. So, it only makes sense that the Number One home improvement upgrade you can make to a house to get the greatest return for your money is to update with a kitchen remodel. Don’t panic! This may not mean a major overhaul home renovation project.

Some easy home remodelling ideas to start with in the kitchen include making small improvements like switching out cabinet door handles or adding a coat of paint. Follow the latest trends in style and colour, and a fresh coat of paint will make it look clean. Switching to stainless steel also adds a sleek look that is easy to maintain and clean. Add a back splash and change out the electric outlet covers.

Adding new counters and other creative ideas in the kitchen will also add value to your home, just make sure you keep up with the trends. Make your kitchen look like a chef lives there by making sure there is easy-to-reach storage space and that everything is clean and shiny. As part of your kitchen remodel, consider adding a pot rack to show off bright, shiny new pots and pans or, if there is room, a rolling island.

Spend some time in the bathroom

While the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom gets the most use.

Upgrading with bathroom renovations will also add value to your home. Plus, it’s an area people may secretly explore behind closed doors to see the true cleanliness and upkeep of the house.

Before you start with a huge bathroom removal and remodel upheaval, begin your upgrade by focusing on the faucets. Stay with the most recent trends when you select new fixtures, choose the style of sink and vanity tops.

Go with the highest quality of changes for your bathroom remodel that you can afford. Granite or marble is a good choice if you can afford it. If you had to choose something less expensive than granite in the kitchen, your bathroom is a good place to use it since the amount of counter top space is quite a bit less than what is needed in the kitchen.

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Landscaping adds value

The next time you pull up to your house, take a good look at the lawn and landscaping.

Is it a picture of a home you would like to visit?

Is it a picture you’d want to see in a real estate’s listing of your home?

If you’re not sure where to begin, snap a black and white picture of the front of your house. The black and white will really show you the contrasts and will make cracks and unsightly areas that need to be fixed stand out. Trim your bushes, mow your lawn, and accentuate nice features, like a long walkway, with fresh beautiful flowers. Anything you do to spruce up the front yard will add curb appeal which invites would-be buyers to want to check out the rest of your house.

Look up, down, and out for new room options

If your home makeover requires more room, take a minute to look at what you already have.

For some great home remodelling ideas, look up to see if it is feasible to use attic space for a loft bedroom, extra bathroom, an office, a playroom, or additional home improvement rooms.

Maybe you decided to expand a room on the main level and chose a bath removal project. If so, start to look for other areas in your home where you can add this important room back with bathroom renovations. If you have an unfinished basement, look down to gain some extra rooms in currently unused space, and design the basement for additional needed rooms. If you have a garage and also plenty of off-street parking available, consider transforming your garage into the extra liveable space you need. If your current home is just too small, consider extending it with an add-on room extension to complete your big home remodelling projects.

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