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Bi fold door fitters London

High quality Bi Fold door installation to homes by London building contractor
Bi Fold Door Installers

Bi fold door installers

High quality Bi Fold door installation to homes by London building contractor

Bi Fold Door Fitters London

Bi fold door installers London

High quality Bi Fold door installation to homes by London building contractor

Bi Fold Doors Installers | High Performance Aluminium Doors

Bi Fold Doors Fitters & Folding Doors Installers

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Bi Fold Doors (also known as Bifolding doors, or folding doors) are the latest must-have home improvement for UK homeowners. They are a modern, contemporary alternative to traditional sliding patio doors, but provide much wider clear openings than patio doors.

Bifold Doors are similar to French doors, but can cover a far greater space – high quality Bifold Doors can easily handle open spaces of 7 metres or more.

Aluminium, plastic (uPVC) and timber are the most common materials used to manufacture Bifold doors – and each material has its pros and cons with regards to sightlines, colour, durability, reliability, maximum size and expansion in hot weather.

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Bifold doors also called folding patio doors, bifolding doors, folding sliding doors, glass sliding doors, sliding room dividers, internal folding doors, concertina doors and uPVC bifold patio doors.

Bifold doors will cost between £1,950 and £3,900, depending on how many glass panels they have and the colour/style of the door frame.

The more work the job involves, the more installation will cost: so a straightforward replacement of existing patio doors will cost less than expanding a doorway or window or creating a new opening – all of which involve a lot more work, and for which you will need a structural engineer (to make sure the weight of the doors will be properly supported) and a builder. A builder will probably charge between £150 and £240 per day; consulting a structural engineer should cost around £100.

You can design your bifold doors however you want. For example, a 4-panel door could open at one side and have all 4 panels sliding the same way. You can choose the arrangement that suits you best and makes best use of the space you have. You’ll need to have space for the panels to stack at 90 degrees when the door is open, and you can choose for them to stack either inwards into the room or outwards into the garden.

The larger the panels, the more glass and the less frame you’ll have, so the more light will come into your home and the better your view will be.

Look closely at the company’s history, warranties and the quality of their products. Make sure the firm has public liability insurance and is a member of a competent person scheme.

Finger-safe gaskets and childproof locks for child safety.

Locks: look for deadlocks (so no one can get in without a key), internal shoot bolts that lock into the frames by at least 24mm, hook locks, 5-lever mortice locks and cylinder locks that are protected against snapping, drilling, picking and bumping. Make sure there are multiple locks along the tracks.

Safety glass: either toughened glass, which is very difficult to break, and if it does break, crumbles into small chunks designed not to cause injury; or laminated glass, which stays in the frame if it is broken. By law, a door with glass 1.5 metres or less from the ground must have toughened or laminated glass.

Internal glazing and beading: this means the glass can’t be removed from outside.

Concealed hinges, locks and rollers: to ensure an intruder can’t tamper with them. Cheaper uPVC bifold doors may have exposed hinges on the outside; these are a security risk as it’s then possible for an intruder to take the door off.

Security screen doors: these are mesh doors that can be installed behind or in front of your bifold doors, so you can have them open to let fresh air in but still prevent anyone getting in.

Trusted Bifold Door Installers

Trusted Bifold Door Installers

We are the Leading Bifold Doors Installers in London. We have all the skills necessary to give your doors a polished and professional finish.
Installation of a bifold door should take anywhere between half a day and a couple of days, depending largely on the size of the door and the complexity of the job.

Bifold Doors Design Features

Bifold Doors Design Features

Bi-fold doors aren’t just affordable and efficient – modern systems look great too. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, you’ll usually be able to find a model to suit any style or type of home.
There are many ways you can customise your Bifold doors, from the number of openings to the door colour, type of glass and handle style.

Cost to Install Bifold Doors

Cost to Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors will usually cost between £1,950 and £3,900, depending on their design and size.
It’ll cost around £250 to have bifold doors fitted in your home, which will usually be a day’s work.
Exceptional Service Guaranteed from Diligent Bifold Doors Fitting Specialists.



London Bi Fold Doors Installers

Adding the WOW factor!

If you would like to add a wow factor to a newly built home extension, or open up a Juliet balcony on a loft conversion, these bi fold doors are a must have addition.

Many systems support both double glazing and triple glazing for optimal thermal performance, and internal integrated blinds are a popular and convenient option.

External Bi Fold doors really can bring the outdoors indoors – giving you a beautiful unobstructed view of your garden from within. Internal bi fold doors are a stylish, contemporary way of opening up indoor spaces to give all the benefits of an open plan living area to any home.

* prices subject to pre constructed opening, If you require opening in wall please refer to our steel beam installation service.

Bi Fold Estimation Costs

Door Size Number of Glass Panels Estimated Price
1.2m x 2.1m 2 £1,950 to £2,150
1.5m x 2.1m 2 £2,050 to £2,250
1.8m x 2.1m 2 £2,150 to £2,350

Bi Fold Doors Estimation Costs

Door Size Number of Glass Panels Estimated Price
1.2m x 2.1m 3 £2,700 to £3,000
2.1m x 2.1m 3 £2,750 to £3,050
2.5m x 2.1m 3 £2,900 to £3,200

* All prices Excluding VAT.  All prices subject to final survey.

* price excludes creating the opening. If you require the opening to be created please visit our RSJ Steel beam installation page for more information.

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Bi Fold Door Fitters London

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