How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors

How To Choose bifold patio doors and Patio doors Hardware

  • Choosing the best Bifold doors can be tough.

  • The type of hardware you choose matters a lot in the design and efficiency of your folding patio doors

  • Let us help you identify how to choose high-quality Bifold doors.

How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors & Hardware

What if you could enjoy the benefits and beauty of natural lighting and spectacular views of your own backyard by simply changing your doors? Open up and let the sunshine in with broader, more unobstructed views than most bifold doors offer. Consider bifold doors with glass panels that fold neatly to create any opening width you want.

How do they operate?

Bifold doors operate accordion-style, so each section slides on an overhead track and tucks to fold away when opened. Learn how to choose the best bifold doors and hardware for your individual taste and needs. The overall look of bifold doors along with style and colour are probably the first choices that come to mind.

However, there are some very important hidden features such as the door’s hardware, what kind of threshold works best, track or roller system, security, and safety issues as well as the benefits of energy efficiency.

How To Choose The Best BiFold Doors & Patio doors Hardware

How will they affect structural integrity?

The most important feature to consider before deciding on a door of any kind is whether or not replacing it will impact the structural integrity of the house. Especially if you are you will need to consult with a structural engineer before altering the structure.

Once you know your home will still be standing after changing to Bifold doors, you can start with the fun and personalized decisions of the décor. Doors are an accent to your home that can often become a focal point of a room. There are so many different styles and colors of doors to choose from, and when you choose wisely you can really accentuate and brighten up a room. People choose folding patio doors when they want to let in natural light, extend a room into the garden or to just enjoy some fresh air and the beauty of your backyard.

Connecting the living space

Folding patio doors work nicely to connect nature to your living space. Just make sure you have the necessary space to store the doors when they are folded open, and then enjoy the new look.

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How will my Bifold doors look considering the architectural design and house décor?

How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors
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What are the best materials for my bifold doors?

How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors: Homebuilding - Renovating

Bifold patio doors usually come in varying lengths, from two to eight leaves of glass usually framed with aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl PVC materials, or wood. Choose colors that compliment your home and personal preference, such as lighter frames to compliment stone, grey or white to offset red bricks or a nice solid shade to go with wood. Go with a natural wood finish or the wide selection of aluminum door frames.

Durability of bifold doors

Whatever your folding doors are framed with, along with the bifold door hardware, will determine the look and durability of the doors for years to come. If you choose fiberglass, you will get the look and feel of wood without the dreaded upkeep.

Popular door materials

Aluminum is a popular material for folding patio doors since it is lightweight and strong as well as affordable. It also resists corrosion and rust. Steel is extremely strong and will stand up to changing outdoor temperatures and weather elements and require very little maintenance.

Vinyl is used on many bifold doors since it is strong plastic that provides energy efficiency and protection from the weather. Wood is a time-tested material that is still used for all types of building construction including doors. It will require more upkeep but also adds a natural element and offers many grains, colors, and types of wood choices.

Will bifold doors lower my electric bill?

While the main reason people choose bifold patio doors and select bifold door hardware is usually for the aesthetic value and to bring the outdoor and natural lighting inside, energy efficiency is also a very important consideration when choosing folding doors. Ideally, if you choose the right bi-fold doors, they will pay for themselves in what you save in lower energy bills.

Energy efficiency of bi fold door units

Some energy efficient things to look for in folding patio doors include R-value, U-factor, Low-E glass, or UV coatings. Bi-fold glazing, which basically installs two or three layers of glass, provides thermal insulation to keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Of course, triple glazing is sometimes a special order and more expensive but may be worth the cost.

How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors from London Builders
How To Choose The Best Bifold Doors Hardware - Renovating advice

What kind of bifold door hardware, tracks, hinges, handles, and thresholds are the best?

Doors not only open up to welcome friends and family to your home, but they also keep out danger helping to protect your family inside. Of course, the look of the bifold doors is important since you are the one who will see the door every day. However, your hardware choices may also make your doors more or less secure from attempted break-ins as well. So, choose wisely since it’s about more than mere aesthetics.

Types of tracks offered

Most bifold door hardware work on a roller or a track. Some bifold doors replace already existing sliding doors. Some offer a single track at the top, and some provide rollers and track at both the top and bottom which makes opening and closing the doors more stable. Every time you open or close your doors, you will be putting stress and relying on the hinges and handles to do their job. Bifold door hinges and bifold door handles need to not only look attractive but be durable in functionality as well.

Types of glazing

Choosing double or triple bi-fold door glazed will add insulation and acoustics to your room. The type of threshold you choose can really enhance the overall look of the doors. Choose a recessed fully flush threshold for a continuous flow from inside out, floor to ceiling. Recessed thresholds work well unless your area is prone to flooding. In which case, go for a door with a frame at the bottom. When considering hardware options, make sure the door offers a Secured by Design SBD or British Board of Agreement Certificate BBA accreditation.

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