There’s no denying that an exquisite patio door design gives a warm and welcoming aura to your home. With the changes in home designs, there are many types of doors for the perfect patio door. And while this is good news, it can be confusing for many homeowners to make the right choice. Here’s a look at three of the most popular patio door designs to help you make a smart decision:



French Doors

Previously, these patio doors reminisced of traditional French architecture. Nowadays, French doors are available in an array of designs and customisations, with a modern touch that blends perfectly against the backdrop of a contemporary setting.

Despite their smaller dimensions, French doors do a fine job of preventing excessive sunlight from entering your home. They also fit perfectly within a height that may require sliding doors and bi fold doors anywhere else within the house. If you’re looking for a quick access to your garden without a long run of glazing, then you should opt for French doors.


Bi Fold doors

Bi Folds are also known as Folding Sliding Doors and have witnessed increasing popularity over the past few years.

The biggest advantage of bi fold doors is that they allow you to install whole walls of glass which can be opened up easily.

Bi fold doors run on tracks that are located within the floor, blurring the lines between the inside and exterior view. The folded panels can be customised to stack either inside the home or generally open outwards, for example, on a home extension into the garden. However, these patio doors are bulky and rypically are the more expensive option of patio door.


Sliding Doors

Ever since the 1960s, sliding doors have been in popular demand for all contemporary homes. With their narrow and lightweight frames, they allow more sunlight into your home. In addition, they have no folding sections – saving up space on your wall. Sliding doors are often used in homes as “pocket doors” that separate one room from another.


For all trendsetters, bi fold doors are worth the investment. They create a grand patio design for your home.

Make sure to use the thinnest frame profile when designing your patio door a. Thermally broken aluminium doors are our preferred choice. These provide a contemporary finish with minimal maintenance costs and generally come with manufacturers warranties up to 10 years.

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