Top Single Storey Rear Extension Design Ideas

single storey rear extension design ideas blog post
  • Learn how to create a spacious kitchen and dining area.

  • Find out how raising your roof can add extra space.

  • Understand the advantages of a semi-detached extensions.

  • Figure out how your garage can become a room for your new needs.

Best Rear Extension Ideas for a Single Storey Building

Make your single storey building rear extension spot within your home where you can run off to relax. Turn a back room kitchen into a chef’s or entertainer’s dream. Add on a conservatory, green house, or solarium. Raise the roof for added head room, and enjoy the backyard space that the rear of your house already has in place making it the perfect place for extending your living space.

These few design ideas will get your creative juice flowing on how best to do it. Let’s take a look at some small house extension ideas and rear house extension ideas photo gallery, and then jump in to decide which ones work best for you to give you the added room you need. 

single storey rear extension design ideas

Rear room kitchen makeovers add necessary space

kitchen room extension single storey idea

Create a spacious kitchen and dining area

Whenever you consider home renovations, the kitchen is always one of the first places to start. It is a room where meals are prepared and friends gather to talk. A well thought out remodel, especially one that adds extra space to the room, is always a good idea. It is a home extension you will never regretIf your kitchen and dining area are already located toward the rear of your home, you have the perfect opportunity to knock out a back wall and enlarge the kitchen. 

One of the most impressive ways to add the desired space to a back kitchen is to replace the rear wall with a bi-fold door that looks like a wall of windows when closed. While it serves as a back wall when closed and sealed, it still lets in plenty of natural lighting. When you need the extra space for entertaining or simply to enjoy the backyard, open up and fold back the bi-fold doors out of the way. Now, you or your guests will be able to enjoy the extended space especially on a nice, sunny or cool, fall day. 

single storey rear extension dining room kitchen design ideas

If you don’t want to replace an entire back wall, add a greenhouse window the length of the counter located along the back wall. Or, add on a conservatory style extension to your dining area for a breakfast nook or extra room to enjoy year roundKick out enough of the wall to install a bay window where you can add extra window seating options, giving you additional space to sit and relax as well. 

Raise the roof to give the feel of a more spacious room

single storey rear roof extension

Add style or maintain an architectural design flow

One big concern when you begin to think about adding onto your home is whether or not it will flow with the existing architecture. This is especially of utmost concern if your home is in a district that requires specific regulations to maintain historic or overall value. In these situations, it is important to maintain the home’s existing architectural look. Do this by paying attention not only to the single storey extension roof options and rear room addition’s style but also its roofline.

Look at pitched roof extension ideas as well as flat roof extension design ideas to get you thinking on how you want to design your own. Sometimes, raising the pitch of the roof or sloping it to keep in line with the existing home’s style is all that is needed. Single storey extension design ideas for room additions often benefit from adding a vaulted ceiling to make it feel more spacious. Add skylights, and you also receive the bonus benefit of providing additional natural lighting. 

Likewise, don’t feel like your new home rear extension needs to be ultra contemporary. Though, this is your chance to add your own flare of personality to your home, you will also want to think about down the road should you need to sell the house. While simply extending the existing walls is the most streamlined approach, there is no reason why you can’t get creative and throw in your own design. Angle a wall to work around landscaping, or just to give your home extension an interesting look.

Your choices here are almost limitless, so long as you stay within building codes and regulations. Knock out the entire width of the back of your house for your home extension, or select a small portion for adding on. The more back wall you redesign, the more added space you are going to get for inside living 

single storey rear extension roof extension
single storey rear extension detached house

 Not all rear extensions need to be enclosed 

If you share a wall with an adjoining neighbor, adding onto your home is going to come with a few extra considerations. Mainly, you will want to gain the permission of the adjoining home dwellers before beginning any home extension work. You would probably appreciate the return gesture as well, and depending on what you plan to do with your house extensions, some construction may even require you do so

Secondly, you may want to opt for a patio or deck instead of an entire room addition on the back of your house. Not every room addition needs to be a place for sleeping, eating, or bathing. Some great rear extensions ideas also include adding on a greenhouse or solarium affixed to the back of the house. Add contemporary decking, a covered patio or deck, or a glass enclosure for a place to garden or use as a conservatory.

Of course, if you want the added space while maintaining your privacy, this is a good option as well. Just make sure your adjoining neighbours are onboard with your ideas especially if your extension includes an outdoor entertainment area to host parties.



Turn a Rear Garage into Livable Space

Transform your garage into an extra room 

If you are fortunate to have a rear-entry garage, move out the car and transform this already existing space into an extra bedroom or living room. Of course, the main downside to this option is that you no longer have an indoor place to park your car. But, depending on how much property you have, you may even be able to build on a covered carport area next to the house.

A garage is an often overlooked spot that is easily able to be remodeled for more space to give you an easy option for single storey extension plans. It is already mostly enclosed, only needing to fill in the wall where the garage door now exists. From there, experienced contractors will be able to easily help you design a floor plan to take over the garage and reclaim it for additional inside space you need.

Membrane basement waterproofing system

Regardless of how you plan to expand, make your single storey building rear extension feel like a home away from home, a place you can run off to relax. These few small house extension design ideas and home extension ideas examples that will get your creative juice flowing on how best to do it. 

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