100 Best Rear House Extension Ideas and Photo Gallery

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Most homes are built with a lot of room in the backyard, so a rear house extension is one of the fastest, most practical ways to gain needed space to expand and enjoy your living space.

Adding onto the back of your house is typically one of the easiest ways to add extra living space to your existing house, especially when you are considering small house extension ideas.

It also makes sense from a building code or planning permission standpoint, since you are generally allowed to extend 6 to 8 metres from the rear wall of a property, depending on whether or not the wall is on a semi-detached shared living wall or detached building. Either way, you are allowed to extend upwards to as much as 4 metres high, so you can gain some needed head room while creating some seamless architectural lines that flow with the existing structure’s design.

Asking to look at house extension ideas, plans and photos to help kick start your home project are a great place to start. Never run short of house extension design ideas with these top design ideas hand picked by the team from Diligent Developments. Let’s get started by taking a look at some great, helpful ideas.

Start with bi-fold doors, adding a greenhouse or deck, remodelling your garage, creating some unique angles, or working with additions for your semi-detached home.

Rear House Extension Ideas Photo Gallery

Open up to the Outside to Gain Extra Metres of Space

Top Rear House Extension Ideas

Bi-Fold Doors Let Light in and Help You Expand Your Living Area

One way to open up the rear of your house is by removing the back wall and replacing it with some sturdy bi-fold doors filled with plenty of windows.

Bi-fold doors serve as a wall that lets in plenty of light or opens up wide to add extra space when you want it. Open up and slide the doors out of the way to provide a wide-open space to extend your house entirely. Or, seal out the weather while still enjoying natural lighting flooding in through the windows.

Bi-fold doors are especially a nice way to expand a kitchen located in the back of the house to turn a tight space into a spacious area for eating, cooking, and entertaining.

Whatever room is currently located in the rear of the house will be the room that will benefit from bi-fold doors the most allowing you more room to move.

Kitchen Extensions Add Value and Provide More Room to Cook and Entertain

One room that feels especially cramped is typically the kitchen. Not only do you need room to move to safely cook, but this is the one spot in the house where everyone seems to gather.

The kitchen is always a wise spot to renovate for adding value to your home while giving you extra room to move for daily living.

If your kitchen is located toward the back of the house, but you don’t want to go with the full bi-fold door idea, this is a great opportunity for you to gain space by adding a kick out, greenhouse, or conservatory style extension for a breakfast nook or a chance to extend the counters and add space to cook or gather during a party.

100 Rear Extension Ideas for Your Home
Do I Need an Architect for an Extension

House Extension Ideas for Semi-Detached Houses Decks

A great idea for adding onto a semi-detached house is to add contemporary decking.

It’s a nice way to expand your living space without infringing too much on your adjoined neighbours who share one wall of your home. A covered deck or patio allows you to move your living space to the great outdoors while still being protected with a canopy or roof.

Add an outside entertainment area with a fire pit or grill and some nice weatherproof furniture for sitting.

However you decide to extend your semi-detached house, it’s important to first gain the approval of your neighbour who shares the other side of the wall with you.



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Build on an Extension to Add Your Personal Style

Why build a boxy room when you can get creative by implementing unique angles to your rear room extension ideas.

Include a patio or deck, and design the home addition to surround it with walls angled properly to have access to the outside patio or deck from more than one room.

The back of the house usually has room to bump out and add on an entire room extension. Make it a garden room with screens, or completely finish it to turn it into an inside liveable space surrounded by windows or enclosed as an additional bedroom.

If your house is a single storey, add a room with a vaulted ceiling to make your additional rear extension single storey room feel even more roomy and to maintain the existing architectural roof line flow, or add skylights to the roof extension. If your budget and space allows, build an extension the entire width of the back of the house to gain optimum room.

Add Onto Your House With Creative Angles and Layouts

Rear Extension Ideas Single Storey

Remodel a Back Garage

House Extension Ideas for Semi Detached Houses

If you already have a garage in the rear of your house, move the car to the curb and turn the already existing space into an extra room. Even if the garage is located in the front of the house or off to the side, you can still do some great remodelling to it to add some more space in a hurry.

How you decide to use this new room is almost limitless and is really cost-effective. The only downside to renovating the garage is that you will no longer be able to park your car inside.

Design a new bedroom, living room, or extend a dining area off of the kitchen. The garage already has the necessary walls. All the work that is usually needed is to seal off the opening with the door, add some insulation, change the flooring, and add any electricity or plumbing you need. Of course, you can make the garage remodel as extensive or simple as you want to depend on your needs and your budget.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Let Your Green Thumb Have Space to Grow

Not every room needs to be a place to expand for sleeping, eating, or bathing. Some great rear extensions.

Also, include adding on a greenhouse, conservatory, or solarium filled with glass or other transparent materials to serve as windows affixed to a wall that is left intact to the back of the house adding an inside room to move.

Grow your own food, and spend time relaxing as you tend to your garden inside this new home addition. Or, turn it into a space to sit and relax.
House extension ideas, plans and photos to help kick start your home project never run short of ideas with these top design ideas hand picked by the team from Diligent Developments.

Add on a Greenhouse, Solarium or Conservatory

Single Storey Side Extension Ideas UK

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