Unique Small House Extension Ideas
Add a Living Room Extension
  • Big does not always mean beautiful, the smaller the better, simple is chic.
  • Turn your small space into a magnificent space with these awesome home extension ideas from Diligent Developments.

100 Beautiful and Free Small House Extensions Ideas

Maybe your house is small, but it’s where you call home. Maybe it seemed large enough when you bought it, but now you have a growing family and quarters are becoming more cramped. When it comes to houses, many buy a small home they can afford when they are first starting out to become established as an adult. The smaller the house, the more affordable it is. But, cozy only goes so far. Though, big does not always mean beautiful. The smaller the better, simple is chic. Of course, that is, when it comes to needing extra space in your small house.

Small Home Extension Ideas
Small House Extensions Ideas

Instead of Moving Out, Build On.

Better than moving out and finding a bigger, more expensive house, think about adding new rooms onto your existing home.

The cost to expand typically is far cheaper than moving out and buying an entirely new home.

To add a small house extension, plan on spending around £1,500 to £2,400 per square metre or more depending on how much work needs to be done and what quality you are after.

If you plan well and meet with an expert, you should be able to add onto your small home while getting the most of your expenditure.

Make the Most of Your Small Space

Turn your small space into a magnificent space with these awesome home extension ideas.

For starters, if you’re not ready to knock down walls and undertake a major renovation just yet, you can do some simple changes such as rearranging floor plans or furniture, or adding extra light with larger, improved windows, and window treatments that let maximum natural lighting in.

Or, install skylights to give the impression of a more spacious area without knocking down walls to achieve a more spacious feel.

House Extension Design Ideas
Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
Single Storey Side Extension Ideas

Follow Existing Architectural Features

Consider Architectural Integrity

To avoid looking like you took a modern section of house and wildly stuck it onto an old building without any forethought, first make sure the roof line, building materials, and overall design of your extension is going to flow nicely with the way the house has already been built. Unless you are a natural at architectural design, this process will benefit highly by first seeking the advice of an architect or an expert versed in blending new home extensions with old structures. When done well, a passer by will not even be able to tell which part of the house is old and which is the new addition.

Extend Your Home to the Back

Rear House Extensions Offer a Lot of Options

The back of the house is typically where most home owners have freedom to expand the farthest to gain the most extra room. The reason for this is because most homes are built toward the front of the property, leaving land behind it to enjoy as a backyard.

Another great reason to add on construction to the back of your home is that, unless you are in a conservation area or live in an an otherwise restricted district, most rear extensions fall under Permitted Development, meaning you are free to build up to 8m from the original rear wall of your property on a detached home or up to 6m on a semi detached or terraced home and usually up to 4m tall on a single storey extension.

Extend Your Home
How to Extend House Cheaply

Some rear extension ideas for a single storey home include adding a sunroom, an additional veranda, or extending the living room or kitchen/dining area.

Before deciding which back home addition will work best for you, ask your contractor to show you a collection of rear house extension ideas photo gallery.

A lot of times it’s easier to choose what you want done when you can visually capture a glimpse of what the finished work will look like.

Add onto the Side of Your Home

Another part of a single storey home to expand onto is the side of the house. Some amazing single storey side extension ideas include similar ideas to what you can do on the back of the house and will depend on how much property you have to work with.

If you have enough land to the side, you could turn a small bungalow style home into a much bigger place to live and even design it to match your personal style choices with curves and angles that flow seamlessly with the rest of the house, or go with a smaller, simpler touch.

Sometimes, a garage is located on the side of the house and can easily be transformed into an enclosed living area for adding an extra bedroom or family room. Renovating a garage is not a lot of work in the scope of things, though you do have to sacrifice your car’s shelter in the process.

Rear House Extension Ideas Photo Gallery
Ways to Max out Your Space

Some other house extension design ideas off the side of your home may be to enclose a connected covered walkway to add a breeze way or additional walk-through living space, or to add a small glassed in kick out that could be used for a garden or a sitting area where you can enjoy tons of natural light without worrying about weather or bugs.

There are so many side extension ideas to choose from that will make your home more enjoyable, and all of them are going to allow you more room to grow inside the house.

Get Your Neighbors Onboard

A semi-detached home generally has one interior wall that is shared by the two houses attached along one of their walls. You live on one side, and your neighbor is adjoined to you on the other side of one wall. If you share an adjoining wall with a neighbor, you will need to consider house extension ideas for semi detached houses.

Besides not having the freedom to expand along the shared wall your main consideration will be to make sure any additions you make or any house extensions ideas plans you follow are acceptable to the home owner on the other side of your shared wall. It’s best to not just jump in and start construction until you have discussed your home extension ideas examples with them, since it will affect their home value and daily living conditions as well. Once you discussed your plans and have gained permission from them, enjoy your new space.

Expanding a Semi-Detached Home

House Extension Ideas for Semi Detached Houses

It’s your turn now to select what home addition ideas will work best for you. Big does not always mean beautiful, the smaller the better, simple is chic. Turn your small space into a magnificent space with these awesome home extension ideas from Diligent Developments.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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