House Extension Designs for Your Next Project
House Extension Designs
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30 Free House Extension Design Plans and Examples for 2019

When your home living space becomes cramped, you have two options. One option is to sell your current home, move out, and buy a new house. Or, you can instead, select from small house extensions designs for your next project. The latter will save you money and allow you to enjoy the place you already call home.

When you have a house extension project coming up, since buying a brand new place is on the pricey side, adding onto or finding the needed space within your existing home is often ideal. Whether you want to extend up into the attic or loft, open up existing rooms to rearrange your floor plans, or create more space off the back of the house, here are a few plans and examples from the expert home extension team at Diligent Development. They are free and solid just for you. Are you ready to get started?

Following are free house extension design plans and examples for 2019. Start by making a plan choosing whether you will expand up, out, or within your existing home, and let us guide you through the rest.

30 Free House Extension Design Plans and Examples
House Extension Ideas Plans

Make a Plan You Can Live With

Choose a Blueprint That Meets Your Additional Space Needs

Regardless of which direction you decide to expand, up, out, or to find and open up space within, you will need a plan to follow. The best way to achieve this is to sit down with an expert who can help you figure out which floor plan is best for adding the needed extra space onto your home. Begin by sharing all of your dreams and everything you have imagined about extending your home with someone who knows how to help you get it done, and then the knowledgeable and skilled building expert will help you draw up a realistic plan.

Be sure to set and stay within your house extensions cost budget as much as possible, expressing your desired and reasonable top-end price to be certain the contractors will be able to build within your price range using a house extension calculator. Be sure to ask about the small costs that are easy to forget about, such as materials used, inspection fees, rentals for tools, equipment, or hauling prices to discard demolition debris, and everything that will be involved including fixtures, paint, outlets, plumbing and absolutely everything no matter how much or how little it may seem to cost individually. Get ideas by browsing through our house extension ideas photo gallery.

Build up for More Spacious Living

Creating a living space or spare bedroom in an existing attic or loft is often the most feasible way to gain extra room in your house. You don’t have to worry about taking up much needed land on your property when you build up. Some important things to consider when extending your home upwards is to make sure the ceiling height has adequate clearance and that there is a stairwell access that is to code in case of a fire when you may need to safely exit the home in a hurry as well as a way to access the newly built loft extension from within your home. Attic or loft extensions can be done at a reasonable cost but do get expensive rather quickly when you start adding plumbing for an extra bathroom, raising the roof for needed head room, or installing dormers, windows, or skylights. Adding unique touches such as a skylight to the roof will help to save on lighting costs. You will find some great ideas by looking through a photo gallery of finished designs, and a qualified building contractor will be able to tell you if your desired attic or loft addition will fit within your budget.

Extend up to the Attic or Loft

House Extension Calculators
Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
Home Extension Ideas Examples

Extend Your Walls to the Backyard to Gain Extra Living Space

One way to maximize natural lighting within your home and create a room where you can sit and read a book, dine, cook, or entertain, is to open up your wall to the backyard with an enclosed room extension.

Depending on your roominess needs, this extension could be seasonal, only used for entertainment or relaxation, or could be an entire enclosed permanent room added on.

Add an Extra Room onto the Back of Your House

An extra room on the back of your house is a nice way to enjoy your back yard without having to brave the elements of weather or contend with bugs and other unwanted outside elements.

Some rooms are seasonal with screens or canopies like a screened-in porch, a deck, or covered patio with a quaint gazebo feel. Others are able to be used year round, enclosed with windows and insulation as a four-season room, greenhouse, or a fully enclosed bedroom or sitting room with window bench seats and plenty of additional floor space.

However you decide to use your new room, extending toward the back of the house is a great option.

Bi-Fold Doors Open up or Close off Space

Sometimes all that is needed is more light to give the illusion of extra room. If the existing windows are blocking the maximum light you could be enjoying, it’s time to fix this. Installing bi-fold doors where your back wall used to be creates a way to open up your house entirely to the back yard or deck extension for entertaining when you need it. Just fold back the window-clad bi-fold door like an accordion, and slide to tuck out of the way. At the same time, bi-fold doors allow you to still be able to shut off the outside when necessary, allowing light to still flood into your home through the windows.

Rear House Extension Ideas Photo Gallery

Find New Space Inside

Small House Extensions Ideas

Rearrange Your Indoor Floor Plan to Gain Extra Room

If what you really need is not more space as much as just better use of your current space, a new floor plan may be what you’re after. Three rooms tend to benefit most from redoing a floor plan to make better use of your rooms. The bedroom is a nice place to start. Turn a small bedroom into an on suite by knocking down non-weight bearing walls and rearranging them to serve a more roomy purpose. Another room that has heavy traffic on a daily basis is the kitchen. The bathroom is additionally a spot that will benefit from a new layout, though the existing plumbing may make it more challenging. In the kitchen, if you can open up a wall or move around counters, add an island and more storage, you will enjoy spending time in your newly remodeled place with a little less cramped quarters.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Do you have a house extensions project coming up? These few plans and examples above from the expert home extension team at Diligent Development will help navigate you through choosing and creating new house extension designs for your next project. They are free and solid just for you.

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