5 Simple Free Home Extensions Ideas You Can Use Right Now
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  • Home extensions can add a little colour to your home that’s if done properly by professionals.

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  • Here they have come up with some Simple Home Extensions Ideas you can use.

3 Simple Basics Of Building An Extension From The Master Extension Builders

Your house is a pleasant place to live, but it needs more space. Or, maybe you want to bring in more natural light, add room additions, kitchen extensions, or any number of house additions options.

Whatever your reason for wanting to expand, create more space by building an extension to your existing home with many options of home extensions to choose from. Adding onto your home not only gives you the space you need right now, if it’s done well, but it may also even add value to your home later down the road when you go to sell.

The three simple basics include proper planning, sticking to the room addition’s purpose, and implementing design features. To accomplish this, make sure you plan ahead, look around and decide where your home extension will be located and what it will be used for, choose between contemporary or traditional construction, pay careful attention to lighting and privacy options, and be sure to create a unique feature in your new house extension design.

Here are 5 home extensions ideas you can use now:

5 Simple Home Extensions Ideas You Can Use Now (Free)

Plan Ahead With Your Home Extension Design

Don’t just jump in, knock out parts of the structure, and patch on some make-shift walls. If your extension room is going to add value to your home, there are some planning steps you need to consider before construction begins.

Some decisions, such as how far up or out you may build, will be determined by local planning permissions, regulations, and building codes.

Small conservatories or deck extensions often don’t require any permissions to build, but it’s always better to know before you get started on your home extension project.

Extension Room Ideas

Prepare For Increased Value

A home extension will do more than merely patch a new room onto an existing building. For a polished design that will give you the needed space and increase the value of your home, you first need to think about a few things to plan your house extension design. First, and foremost, always ensure the structure is sound above and beyond any aesthetic design. Keep in mind that while this may be your first home extension project, it very well may not be your last.

Seamless Room Additions Designs Blend The Past With The Future For Today’s Use

Whenever you are planning a change to your home’s architecture, you should always plan for not just what you want now but also how it will affect the future value of the home. If you want or are required to retain a specific historic look, the type of extension you are able to build will be determined by this.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project
The London Kitchen Extensions

Decide Where The Room Addition Or Kitchen Extensions Will Be Built

Look Up, Out, And Down

Before you begin building an extension, look up, out, down, and consider connecting, existing space, or outbuildings and what your room addition will be used for. Internal walls and entryways may be removed or added to create desired space or to seamlessly connect a new addition. Take a good look at the architecture of your home, and consider building over top of the garage, or extend to two stories.

Raise The Roof

When you build up, the cost is often reduced when you stretch the expensive aspects, such as the roof and flooring over a larger space. When you build up, make good use of existing tall vaulted ceilings, or create your own. Instead of a flat ceiling that has closed off interesting features above, open it up to reveal design elements that provide roominess above your head.

Roof extensions include those which extend the existing roof line, typically at less of a pitch; a flat roof extension that may provide a space to extend a room; or, even a rooftop garden. If your home has existing wood beams, expose them with a vaulted ceiling. This look is especially beautiful when used with kitchen extensions, main living area, or master bedroom.

5 Simple Room Additions Ideas

Options For Building Out

Building out may include adding on a glass conservatory, a covered outdoor living area, a cantilevered balcony, or a sun room. Each of these extension options have their own considerations such as insulation, protection from weather, and access to the rest of the home. If you already have an existing garden building on the properly, look into turning it into a guest home complete with a kitchen, bedroom, and a bathroom. Or, use it for office or other work space.

Contemporary V. Traditional

Extension Builders in London

Weigh Your Design Options

If you are having trouble matching your existing home’s traditional style, don’t worry about it. Instead, go contemporary to add a visually appealing contrast to the home’s architecture. Choose to either blend in with your existing home style or create a contemporary look while not taking away from your existing home’s architecture.

If you want to continue the traditional styles, make sure you bring in elements of the original design considering the pitch of the roof, building materials used, wood or brick, as well as the original colours used. If you cannot decide between going contemporary or keeping the traditional feel, sometimes a walkway between two buildings may be able to be enclosed in glass and properly sealed to add space you need without distracting from traditional architectural elements.

Lighting, Sound And Privacy

Light Source Options

When you add a home extension, you will usually lose some of the existing light source. Plan a design that will make good use of natural light sources. Reconfigure the existing space to accent natural light, frame spectacular views, and to gain access to the yard or garage. While you’re bringing in the natural lighting, don’t forget to improve your privacy since many add-on renovations may leave you with an unsightly view of your neighbour’s property or may block and infringe upon their rights to natural light.

Small House Extensions Ideas
Building an Extension

Let The Sun Shine In

Put sunlight to good use whenever possible, but also keep in mind when you may need to also provide shade so the room does not become too hot or too bright. Roof lights or a bank of windows just below the roof level are fantastic options for bringing in light without bothering the privacy of your neighbours. Another great choice that provides plenty of natural lighting is to install bifold doors that open up and fold into the wall as needed. Also, consider accent lighting that fits into your design, such as directional spotlights, lights on dimmer switches, or controlled remotely, decorative lights, table lamps, or lighting that is built into the walls or ceiling.

When you extend with glass walls, you will also need to provide sound reduction with sound-absorbing materials such as rugs, soft furniture, or curtains. If your extension is a kitchen or other room where these soft features would not fit well, install acoustic panels.

Blocking And Unsightly View Or Providing Privacy From Onlookers

If your new extension is going to include a window that now looks out at your neighbour or an unsightly portion of the side alley, use glass blocks, sand-blasted glass, coloured, or stained glass in place of the window. Or, wall it off completely leaving openings for narrow windows up high on the wall to provide needed privacy without foregoing the desired natural light.

Glass Walls And Sound Proofing

House Additions Ideas

Create A Unique Feature

House Extension Design

Personalise Your Extra Space

Make the most of your new extension room space by adding interesting design elements. In your house additions design plans, make sure you create at least one unique eye-appealing feature such as a staircase, ceiling beams, island in the kitchen, or an upgraded fireplace to replace what used to be a bulky chimney breast. Turn a staircase into a focal point with curves or spiral shapes, open step treads, or install an eye-catching railing. If you have had your chimney breast removed but miss a fireplace feel, install one that doesn’t require the need to be vented. If your home is located on a property with an amazing view, position the window openings to frame this scenery. Similarly, if you have an unsightly neighbouring property, switch up the windows using angles and creativity to hide what you do not want to see everyday.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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