5 Amazingly Simple Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget for 2019
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5 Breathtaking Kitchen Redesign Ideas to Inspire Your Cooking

It happens everyday when you go to cook a meal or grab a snack – You dread going into your kitchen because it is in desperate need of a kitchen redesign. Every time you look at your kitchen, you wish it were better. You wish it were not only a place you were proud to invite friends and family to gather in but also a place where you could enjoy cooking.

Unfortunately, remodeling a kitchen requires a whole lot of money. Or, does it? Maybe you’ve been putting off the kitchen renovation for fear you just don’t have enough in the budget to pay costly kitchen contractors.

5 Breathtaking Kitchen Redesign Ideas to Inspire Your Cooking
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You’ll Want to Cook in Your Kitchen Again with These Simple Ideas

Cooking doesn’t have to be burdensome, although it could feel like more of a delight when done in a more attractive kitchen. It’s time to create a spot where you will be proud to show off with these few ideas on how to redesign your kitchen to help inspire your cooking, on a budget.

Here are five breathtaking kitchen redesign ideas for kitchen makeovers to inspire your cooking that are amazingly simple for those on a budget.

Open It Up

A popular trend in kitchens nowadays, especially for small kitchen design, that actually seems to open it up without tearing down walls, is to remove the cabinet doors, or exchange the cabinets for open shelves. You just may be surprised at how open your kitchen looks.

After all, why should you hide away that fine china you’re dying to show off? Just make sure you keep the shelves organized and well dusted. With open shelves instead of closed-up cabinets, now is the perfect time to enjoy those canister sets that nobody usually ever sees. Maybe even swap out mismatched dishes for ones that accent your space with well-placed kitchen interior design ideas.

Make Your Kitchen More Spacious Without Knocking down Walls

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Pay Attention to the Details

Don’t Overlook the Small Things

Don’t forsake the small things, because often it’s the littlest of details that make or break a kitchen redesign. Look at your water faucets, any remaining cabinetry or drawer knobs, lighting fixtures, or anything that you could easily swap out for a more modern upgraded look in your kitchen layout. If you have stainless steel appliances, consider details of glass or marble. Add lighting that not only brightens up the room but looks good and stands up to heat and grease.

Finish the Room from Bottom to Top

Look Up

Current kitchen interior designs call for no detail left untouched, which also means, it’s time to look up.

How does your ceiling look? Is it bare, or maybe showing signs of years of kitchen use with grease splatters or dingy dust? Don’t leave your ceiling untouched. Whether you choose to paint it with a complementary color that finishes your kitchen’s look or create a fancy faux coffer ceiling look, it’s important to finish the room by focusing on the ceiling design.

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Let the Light Shine in

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Brighten up the Room with Proper Lighting

Another great way to make the room look more spacious and inviting and easier to cook in is to implement carefully placed lighting. Lighting comes in either natural or well-placed light bulbs.

Of course, natural lighting comes when you allow the sun to shine in from a window or skylight, but not every kitchen has adequate window light. If this is the case in your kitchen, and you don’t have the budget to put in a bigger window, bi-fold door, or skylight, then it’s time to choose lighting fixtures that will be attractive and light up the space well.

Be sure to install some well-placed task lighting to help you see the recipe and ingredients while cooking. You can also accentuate either lighting by implementing white wherever possible, since white reflects light and makes the kitchen look brighter and cleaner. In addition to white, glossy paint, design a back splash or accent wall with white, ceramic tile that will reflect any existing light.

Don’t Let the Idea of Spending Money on Appliances Scare You

Obviously, matching appliances are going to freshen up the look of any kitchen renovation. But, when you think about upgrading all of your major appliances, you may gulp in shock at the thought of what the hefty price tag is going to be.

However, it may surprise you at how affordable they really can be, especially when you compare it to the price of tearing down walls and replacing counter tops for a complete kitchen renovation. Quite often replacing old appliances actually saves so much in energy costs that they can end up paying for themselves in no time. Invest in quality appliances that won’t need replacing anytime soon. Still, proceed with a lot of research, and find sales while restraining yourself from splurging on an appliance you really don’t need.

An Energy-Saving Fresh, New Look

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When it’s all said and done, you don’t have to spend a fortune on kitchen makeovers. Even an extremely small kitchen design can be made to look more spacious and inviting. Though, always consider consulting with an expert in kitchen interior design before you tackle your kitchen redesign.

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Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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