School Refurbishment Croydon
washroom cubicle installation London
washroom cubicle installation London
washroom cubicle installation London

Project Type: Washroom cubicle refurbishment

Project Location: South Norwood, Croydon

Approx Value: £17,000

Project summary

The scope of works was to refurbish and replace existing washroom cubicles, toilets, drainage and reposition the wash hand basins. AN internal wall was to be removed, and position parts of the below ground sewage for the newly installed toilet positions.

The specification called for installation of Corian material wash hand basins fitted with sensor soap and hand dispensers.

The target user group for this installation was infants under 5 years.

Case Study - Nursery Refnovation - Croydon
Washroom Cubicle Design


The location of x2 soil vent pipes were not known prior to works as these were located behind existing carpentry. This required modifications to the planned works at an early phase to accommodate the toilet pan soil wastes.

The Corian trough sink supplier delivered both sink units the incorrect size with incorrect pre drilled tap holes. This required modifications to the washroom cubicle wall to increase its length and reduce a doorway by 100mm to accommodate the unit and allow the project to move ahead.

The sensor hand wash mechanical equipment could not physically be located between the stud walls as indicated on the initial specification. This required modifications to the layout to accommodate these items in a serviceable location.

We installed Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles, which provide the school with hard wearing, water proof units. These cubicles are require little maintenance and are easy to disinfect the surfaces and keep clean.


After modifications to the washroom layout and classroom to accommodate the sink  troughs we delivered a successful washroom refurbishment with modern, hygenic sensor activated soap dispensers and taps.

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