Ford Transit Van tools thief – HLEP US CATCH HIM


£1000 REWARD!

This man has a master key to Ford Transit vans.
He has struck me twice this year. Each time stealing thousands of pounds of tradesman tools.

Can you believe, this man targets hard working people in the dead of the morning. He has stolen my tools once before this year in Feb 24th 2016. But now he has hit me again for another few grand of tools.

This man has treated my van like his own peronal shoping cart.

The police…..well……what do you think was done. They have closed the case and uploaded the images to a “national database. What bloody good can that do??  I asked the Police to send a letter to transit van owners in the area, or do a quick door-to-door in the evenings to let trademen in the area know about the capabilities of this thief. They said, “yeah, thats a good idea”. But nothing has been done.

So I have taken matters into my own hands, and with your help we can deliver this thief to justice.


To all tradesmen – please dont buy stolen tools. If you too know how it feels to be robbed for your tools of the trade. If you see this crack head selling you Dewalt and Makita tools for next to nothing, Show him the door and call the police – or better yet, call ME!