Need a chimney removal company? – 5 things you should know

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  • Learn how to find a chimney removal company that fits your needs.

  • How to identify if an expert of chimney removal company are true professionals.

  • Understand the terminology to communicate your needs.

Chimney Removal Company

Need a chimney removal company? It’s time for that chimney to come down, and you want to do it right. This means that you may want to get advice on how to choose the right company. You’ve decided you want extra area inside where it is taking up space and no longer used. Or, maybe it has fallen into disrepair and you have long since heated your home more efficiently with central heating. Regardless of your reasoning behind it, you could tackle the job yourself. Or, you could hire a chimney removal company.

When should you consider hiring a professional? How much will it cost, and how long will it take? What is involved in hiring an expert to get the job done? Here is a free guide put together by our knowledgeable professionals to provide you with advice for choosing a chimney removal company. Following are five helpful tips you should always consider before hiring an expert or a chimney removal company to do the job.

How to Remove a Chimney Breast in 2 Simple Steps

Is the company credible?

How to remove a Chimney Breast

Do your research first. Find the right chimney removal company for you needs.

Yes, you can just open up a business directory and find the first chimney removal company to hire. Sure, it sounds easy to just select the first chimney removal company listed that begins with the first letter of the alphabet or to close your eyes and point to see where your finger lands. But, it is extremely important that you make sure the company is who they say they are and that they won’t merely show up, take your money, and run.

Check with local Trading Standards and Citizen’s Advice. Ask friends and relatives whom you trust if they would recommend the chimney removal company you are considering hiring to get the job done. Ask if they have had this type of work done and whether or not they were pleased with the outcome. Word of mouth is worth a lot as others will tell you first hand what they experienced with specific work they have had done.

Get in writing

Most chimney removal companies will offer you a free quote estimate before deciding to hire them for the work. Make sure when you look over the estimate that everything you want done is included in the quote. Don’t forget about haul-away expenses and time frame guidelines for when you need the work to be completed. Make sure if there are any permits needed or building regulations to follow that the chimney removal company has included these as part of the expense. Finally, however, keep in mind that these will be estimates and not exact price quotes. So, always plan on the final cost and time for the job to potentially be more and take longer than originally stated. Still, you can get a really good idea about which company is right for you and whether or not you can afford them based on their price quote estimates.

Chimney Breast Removal Building Regulations

Benefits of hiring a professional or a chimney removal company

How to remove a Chimney Breast

They come with the right tools

One huge benefit to hiring a professional to get the job done is that they come equipped with the right tools. This means that you won’t have to go out and buy a whole workshop full of tools you may only use for the one project. They also will have access to quality building materials that are only available to professionals which they may even get at a wholesale discount rate. These cost savings should always be calculated into the overall price and decision to hire an expert as opposed to doing it yourself.

Your chimney removal company is insured.

Removing a chimney can be dangerous work. It often involves climbing up atop the roof and crawling underneath falling bricks while creosote, soot, and grime surrounds you as you begin to dismantle the entire structure. The potential of something going wrong could cost you a pretty penny if you do it yourself. A contractor, however, will give you the peace of mind knowing that they are properly insured should something go wrong.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

They can easily discover and identify potential issues or hazards

You may look at your chimney and think that you can just begin whacking it down brick by brick. In reality, it could be part of a load-bearing wall or not properly supported at the top. The end results could be catastrophic with your roof caving in, walls coming down, or worse yet, someone in your household becomes injured or worse. A professional chimney removal company, on the other hand, will be able to identify potential issues such as gas leaks, foundation cracks, what type of support brackets or beams need to be used, etc. They will also be able to get all of the necessary inspections completed before finishing the project. The latter is especially important if you plan to sell our home after the work is complete.

Clean up after the work is done

Taking down a chimney is messy work. It involves, at the very least, soot, bricks, and debris that will no doubt cover every surrounding bit of space as it is being removed. Most professionals will come equipped with tarps and proper protections to keep your furnishings from becoming covered in grime. They should also clean up after themselves so as not to leave you with this task. Make sure clean up and any haul-away cost is included.

Chimney Breast Removal Building Regulations
Chimney Breast Removal Building Regulations



Understand the terms used by chimney removal companies.

How to remove a Chimney Breast

Important terms to understand

It’s important that when you are considering hiring an expert or a chimney removal company to remove your chimney that you understand the terms they are using. For starters, the chimney breast refers to both the most visible and the vital portions of a chimney. The brick wall called the breast encases the flue and other sections of the chimney that once was used to provide insulation and ventilation as well as major structural support. The other main term that will be used is the chimney stack. When you hear the term chimney, this is the part that probably comes to mind first with images of chimney sweeps dancing on roof tops.

It is the section that protrudes through the top of the roof line and ends with a cap and pot at the top. The contractor should explain that removal of the stack is going to leave a hole in your roof, which will then require the patching and re-roofing in that section. It will also require the workmanship of someone who knows what they are doing so as not to perpetuate, for instance, a possible leak from the chimney flashing that may have prompted you to remove the stack in the first place.

Why is support important when working with a chimney removal company?

Another major important factor to understand when hiring a chimney removing service is what type of support is needed and which type will be used. It is vitally important that the structure of the home is reinforced whenever you are removing a piece that once served this purpose. Some may suggest using Gallows brackets, but keep in mind that there are certain specific situations when these would not be your best option, even though they are cheaper. Similarly, some will suggest using a steel beam which is always the strongest option but is more costly. But, both will require the workmanship of a skilled an knowledgeable person who will be able to install whichever support system you decide is best.

How to remove a Chimney Breast

How much will this cost, and how long will it take?

Chimney Breast Removal Planning Permission party Walls

How much will hiring an expert cost me?

The costs involved are going to include not only the materials and labor but also any permits or haul-away fees. If these are not itemized on your quote for services, ask about them. The average cost for a semi-detached house that requires a first storey chimney breast removal is usually somewhere around £1500 and will take about 3 days when you hire a professional chimney removal company.

This should include fitting Gallows brackets, a concrete hearth, and new plastering or skirting. If the job entails keeping one storey’s chimney breast in place, the job could take more days and cost a bit more. In case only the stack is left in place, it may become a 5-day job for about £2050. Of course, if you want the professionals to do a lot of stripping and re-plastering, expect to add more time and more cost to the overall project. Most companies will come out and provide you with a free estimate before you decide whether or not to hire them.

Hidden Treasure

Sometimes, when the chimney is being removed, you may find hidden artifacts or treasures left behind from years of use or from the previous owner. Maybe someone signed or dated a brick inside, or maybe there is unwanted reminders of animals who made their way inside over the years. Regardless, this may be of interest to you to note rather than merely swinging a hammer for demolition.

How long will the chimney removal project take?

A chimney removal service will usually require a two-man job. Keep in mind that a chimney removal done properly could become a lengthy and difficult process. It is best to have several people working on the project and having experts there to reduce the risk of any complications. When you need a chimney removal company, there are five things you should know. Additionally, a couple very important questions are how much will it cost me, and how long will it take? Any expert you consult should be able to give you a price quote and time estimate. Depending on the extent of your personal chimney removal job, these answers will vary.

Moreover, if a partial chimney removal is all that is needed, it’s feasible to be ready to redecorate your inside wall in a day or two. If, however, your chimney has been built into the structure of the actual house, or you are removing the chimney stack and an external chimney from the top down, the time frame could be longer but should never extend on endlessly. Use this free guide put together by Diligent Development experts to understand the most important things you need to know before hiring a chimney removal company.

Chimney Breast Removal Building Regulations
Chimney Breast Removal Building Regulations

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