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durable washroom cubicle design for hard wearing applications such as schools
Washroom Cubicle Design
washroom cubicle design london

Washroom cubicle design – hard wearing, water proof cubicles

We design and install washroom cubicles to schools and commercial premises in London

Our washroom cubicle design process pays attention to all aspects of build with regards to:-

* child safety
* usability
* durability
* accessibility for all persons
* Building Regulations Part M
* water regulations
* building control requirements

We follow three designs for washroom cubicle sizes to meet Part M Building Regulations:

1 – Enlarged washroom cubicles

When four or more cubicles are provided in a washroom, one of these must be an enlarged cubicle.

Enlarged washroom cubicles must be a minimum width of 1200mm and include an outward opening door.

A horizontal and vertical grab rail set is required to the fitted to the cubicles.

Washroom Cubicle Design

2 – Standard size washroom cubicles

Standard toilet cubicles must have a minimum of 450mm diameter manoeuvring space within the cubicle.

Indicator-bolts must be capable of being operated with a closed fist – and doors must allow for emergency access should a user collapse and become trapped inside the cubicle – blocking the door from opening.

3 – Wheelchair accessible and Ambiant washroom cubicles

Wheelchair accessible layout must accommodate an overall toilet cubicle length of 2220mm.

The door opening needs to be 900mm – 950mm (wide) and must be outward opening.

Washroom Cubicles | Toilet cubicles | Disabled toilets
Washroom Cubicle Design

We value child safety as much as you do!

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