Kitchen installation | Croydon | SW16
Durable Kitchen installation for Landlords and rental properties
Kitchen installation | Croydon | SW16
Durable Kitchen installation for Landlords and rental properties
Kitchen installation | Croydon | SW16
Durable Kitchen installation for Landlords and rental properties
Kitchen installation | Croydon | SW16
Durable Kitchen installation for Landlords and rental properties

Project: Kitchen installation Norbury SW16 | Kitchen renovation

Project Location: Norbury SW16, Croydon

Approx Value: £5,500

Project summary

Complete kitchen renovation. Removal of existing kitchen, new anti-slip vinyl flooring, layout modifications.

Property Description:

The property is a 2-storey terraced house constructed of solid brick without cavity walls. Their are no planning restrictions working on this type of property and the property is not located in a conservation area. The kitchen was located at the rear on the first floor of the property.


Not every kitchen has to be a luxury high spec install. Some kitchens are designed with the primary function to be long lasting and hard wearing. This is one such installation.

The client’s brief was for us to supply a low maintenance kitchen, with value for money repairs if and when necessary. This meant we had to specify a kitchen range which is stocked with the supplier over the long term, to ensure spares for repairs can be purchased.

Items such as kitchen cabinet doors and hinges are often the items that require replacement after a few tenant changeovers over 5-10 years.

The approach to this project was a full renovation of the existing kitchen. The client requested a full removal of the existing kitchen and modernisation to the electrical, plumbing and gas services.

Prior to installation of the kitchen, we had to replace the old timber kitchen window. This unit was defective and required full replacement. We installed a top hung Upvc double glazed window.

Once the above has been completed, we supplied a hard wearing, durable gloss white kitchen from Howdens, Croydon.

At this point we install the 1st fix plumbing and gas services. As the modified layout migrated the position of the gas cooking hob, we were required to reposition the gas supply to the new location.

The chosen appliances for this kitchen installation were contract CDA oven, cooker hood and gas hob with 2 year warranty.

We then call in the electrician and plan the lighting upgrades and circuit layout for the new kitchen layout.  We upgraded the lighting in the kitchen to bring the room up to a more modern look and feel, as previously the kitchen only had a single pendent light fitting.

The next phase of this project to was begin installation of the hard wearing kitchen units.

The kitchen units installation was pretty straightforward, and always is really. Any competent kitchen contractor should not have trouble fitting together newly supplied kithcen units, provided they have prepared the kitchen adequatley for the installation.

Their were a few changes to the initial design during the installation process, but is to be expected during all kitchen installations as they come to life from a plan on paper. Corners are never as sqaure as they are on a plan, and walls are never as straight as a line on a piece of paper.

Its good practise to have all your first fix plumbing and electrical works in place first. Have all your pipes run and fixed to the walls behind the units, and ensure all walls are flat and ready to take the new units.

This saves time, taking units back out again to modify first fix services. Its just a contractor tip!!

Next phase was to install the wall tiles above the units to provide a wipeable surface which is easy to clean. On the surface we mount the sockets, and central heating boiler controls which are cut into the wall tiles for a nice and flush finish.

Next we lay the anti slip vinly floor from ploysafe. This provides a hardwearing surface for kitchens. Its easily cleaned and can be repaired in a cost effective way. We think this material is a good choice for properies with timber sub floors.

Last we test the services, water, gas, electrics, appliances and commission the kithchen as a fucntional additon to the property. All good!


The kitchen installation was completed successfully. The property was soon placed on the market and recived a 40% increase in value after our renovation works to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Happy customers make happy contractors.

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