Cheap bifold doors – Here is all you need to know

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5 things you need to know before buying cheap bifold doors

One of the most stunning renovation options for opening up a back wall to let sunshine in and gain the needed space you want is to use bifold doors. These doors open out to your backyard garden or patio area to create a breathtaking mix of indoor and outdoor room.

It all looks and sounds like a great idea until you see the price tag. While folding doors are not the most expensive rehab project, the price does climb rapidly when you begin to look at long-lasting, durable doors that offer the aesthetic value to blend with your home’s architecture.

You may be tempted to rush out and pick up the least expensive door available on clearance or previously used bifold doors. Before you decide on using that cheap aluminium or second hand bifold doors for sale or stores that are trying to sell off inventory and offer them as clearance bifold doors, here are some facts you need to know about it.

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Consider the cost

There is more to cost than the price tag

You may see the price tag of the doors you are considering and assume that this is the bottom line figure that assesses the value to the folding doors you want. But, there is more to consider when calculating the overall cost than the price tag alone. No matter how much or how little you end up spending, you want to make sure they will last. You want to get a return on your investment, regardless of the price.

Interior v. exterior costs

One factor to think about is where you want to install the doors. Buying interior bifold doors on sale may not be quite as risky as when you are looking at exterior bifold doors. Cheap bifold doors on the interior of the house will not need to stand up to the damaging effects of weather and temperature changes like those sealing off an outside wall will need to do. Though, you will still want to find the best quality for the cost.


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Choose the most cost-effective material

What the door is made of will determine cost

There are three basic materials that cheap bifold doors are made out of. The most common include wood, PVC, or aluminium. Whatever material you choose is going to change the overall cost of the entire project. For exterior bifold doors, aluminium is going to give you the most flexibility in terms of customising the design.

It is also built to last for years, even decades. Wood and PVC, on the other hand may be best used on the inside of the home, since wood has a tendency to warp, and PVC may become discoloured when exposed to wet weather or harsh temperature changes and sunlight.

Wood doors

This type of door will offer a natural look, but within this feature there is a wide assortment of options. There is soft wood or hard wood veneers. Some wood is engineered to make it more durable. Though, low quality material is not going to weather well. If you want to save on expense, wood doors are a better choice for inside the home on closets, pantries, furnace rooms, or any spot that is in a controlled climate. If you’re looking for cheap bifold doors but of quality and durability, this is the way to go.

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PVC Doors

PVC is a middle cost choice. It tends to be not as inexpensive as soft wood but not as pricey as aluminium. This material is great in terms of upkeep as well but can become discoloured when exposed to natural light.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors allow you to create a sleek design with plenty of windows, since it is a thin metal yet strong. Though, they are not the cheapest choice. The investment will, however, be the most durable and long-lasting of the three options. So, the longevity of the doors may outweigh the initial price.

Average bifold door prices

Like most projects, the cost of what you end up paying for your bifold doors is going to depend on a lot of considerations. If you’re looking for cheap bifold doors, the price of exterior patio folding door options may range from £1,200 to upwards of £2,700 for the doors alone. Expect to pay an additional price for installation, design, or labour fees. Generally speaking, for the doors alone, a 3-panel bifold door that is approximately 1800 by 2100 millimetres made of wood veneer will range from £1,400 to £1,700.

Add another panel, and the price will go up to approximately £2,400 to £2,700 depending on what colour or finish you want and what type of glass and glazing. Similarly, a PVC 3-panel door at approximately 2700 by 2100 millimetres in size will range between £1,200 to £1,950 depending on whether or not it is double glazed and what colour, as they typically come in a standard white.

Alternatively, aluminium 3-panel doors ranging in size, with a powder coat for colour and double glazed will range between £1,700 to £2,500.

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Doors that are installed at higher levels may require special access and handling. Choose from standard colour options that are going to be more cost effective than specialty colours. Choose hardware that come standard as opposed to upgrades. To help your doors stand up to the damaging rays of the sun or weather elements, compare the price of blinds, curtains, or those built into the glass on your new bifold doors. Don’t get starry eyed and locked into one name brand of door manufacturers. Look into a variety of brands of doors, since some brands are going to be less expensive than others while still offering the same or better products without the fancy name brand tag.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

On one final note, it’s wise to go with a professional supplier and installer who has experience with folding doors rather than to attempt an exterior bifold door project yourself. Especially when it comes to exterior folding doors, there are considerations you may not have thought about such as whether or not your doors will need to be fitted or if a structural opening will need to be created to allow for water run off or drainage.

Before you decide on using that cheap aluminium or second hand bifold door you saw on sale recently, ask us about some very important facts you need to know about interior or exterior cheap bifold doors.

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