Central Heating Combi Boilers Prices & Best Buy
3 Things You Need to Know About Boilers
  • Central heating boilers are a type of central heating system used in homes and offices

  • They can be a little more advanced and require the help of a professional to get to understand them better.

  • The wonderfully skilled team at Diligent Development have put together a resource to guide you on boilers.

3 Things You Need to Know About Central Heating Boilers

3 Things You Need to Know

A central heating system boiler is a part of a type of central heating system used in homes and offices.

There are three main things you need to know about central heating system boilers. They can be a little more advanced and require the help of a professional to get to understand them better. We have put together this resource guide to help you know boilers and boiler replacement recommendations for the best cheap boilers to meet your needs.

Central Heating Combi Boilers Prices & Best Buy
Gas Central Heating

What Is a Boiler?

A boiler is used as part of the central heating systems in residential homes. Instead of a fan and duct work, a boiler uses a pump to circulate hot water through pipes into the radiator.

Central heating boilers in homes often use natural gas central heating or heating oil for fuel.

In steam boilers, the water is boiled and the steam then carries heat throughout the house, condensing to water in the radiators.

Oil and natural gas are commonly used today.

Repairs and Replacements Are Expensive

When central heating boilers go out, it never seems to be at a good time. We rely on our boilers for heat, but when something goes wrong it can be an expensive problem, with the typical installation price resting between £3,000 and £5,000. Whatever caused the problem can also be complicated to repair, with the average boiler repair costs hovering somewhere around £210.

It’s important to shop wisely and purchase only the best boiler from the start. This may not be an option, however. For instance, if you moved into an existing home that came with a boiler already in place, you may be looking to upgrade.

Gas Boiler
Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

3 Types of Boilers

Electric Boiler

Know what type of boiler you are dealing with. There are three main kinds of gas condensing boilers, being a combi boiler, system, and conventional.

The combi is short for combination boiler which heats water as you need it to do away with the need for a storage tank. A conventional boiler is also sometimes referred to as a heat-only boiler, and it uses a tank or cylinder. A system boiler option is similar to the heat-only version, only it comes with more components that are built into the unit, which typically makes them easier to install and aren’t as bulky, freeing up a bit of space.

Find a Boiler That Fits Your House and Personal Needs

Size Factors

If you live in a small one-bedroom house, a combi boiler without the hot water tank will probably be a great option for you. If your house is a bit larger, then you may want to choose a heat-only or system boiler to make sure you get the heat needed.

When selecting the proper size of boiler, take into consideration the heating and the hot water capabilities of the boiler as well as the actual size of the boiler to determine whether or not it will fit in the space allowed.

Cheap Boilers
Central Heating Boilers-Combi Boiler

Save Money by Using the Right Fuel

Efficiency and Fuel

Fuel used to power your boiler is a big consideration. Do you want to use gas or electricity or renewable energy?

If you are looking to upgrade from an old boiler to an updated gas boiler, it probably won’t be long before you notice significant savings on your energy bills, for an average of more than £600 per year. Just about any modern boiler will get you similar energy savings. Look for an efficiency rating between 88 to 91.

Condensing central heating boilers are very efficient, extracting more than 90% of the heat from the fuel they burn.

How to Know Which Type of Boiler Is Best for You

Different Type of Boilers

Condensing boilers are very efficient and cost effective, so they are a great value. Though, they tend to be a bit pricier to buy initially. They also have a compact design. If you go with a condensing combi boiler, you won’t even need a water tank. This means, that a combi is great for tight spaces or smaller homes. Condensing boilers, with all of their perks, do tend to be prone to frozen pipes in extreme cold temperatures outside which can stop the boiler from working and even cause further damage to the entire system. They can also be costly to repair and maintain.

Central Heating Systems

A Combi Boiler Offers Efficiency for Smaller Spaces

Combi boilers are very efficient, and their compact size makes them ideal for smaller spaces. Their name describes their ability to act as a central heat source as well as a water heater. You won’t need a water tank or cylinder since they heat their water directly from the mains, so you will need to always have good water pressure. Keep in mind that a combi, however, is not compatible with every type of shower, such as a power shower, and you won’t be able to run more than one shower or bath at a time. There is no backup water heater.

System Boiler

System Boilers Are Heat Only

A system boiler is a heat only boiler and will require a water storage tank. It heats directly into the central heating system as well as heating water for the storage cylinder, however it also includes expansion vessel and a pressure release valve but doesn’t need a cold water feed tank. These are fairly easy to install. Once in place, you will be able to use multiple taps at once.

A system boiler is compatible with solar thermal energy sources.

Conventional Boilers and Older Homes

A conventional boiler is often found in older construction homes. They are comprised of several parts that include a boiler, heating controls, a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage cistern, and a feed and expansion cistern. The advantages include being able to use multiple taps at one time, make it easy to replace the heating system, and can work with a backup immersion heater. A conventional boiler is also compatible with solar thermal energy sources. They do, however, require more space than other options, are a bit complicated to install, and the hot water is not instantaneous.

Choose Wisely and Ask an Expert

In the UK, when it comes to central heating systems, gas boilers are the most common fuel type offering three main types – regular, combi, and system.

Government regulations require that any new gas boiler now installed, since 2005, must be a condensing boiler.

Electric central heating boilers are good for compact boilers and a nice alternative for homes that cannot install a gas boiler.

Some electric boilers are powered by oil which works similarly to gas. Others use solid fuel, which comes from coal, wood, or pellets.

Boiler Replacement

Check with a Heating Engineer

Before you purchase a new boiler, be sure to check with an expert heating engineer to be certain you are making the best choice.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

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